An emotional public message from the parents of missing William Tyrell.

The search for missing three-year-old William Tyrell has today entered its 9th agonising day. The little boy whose innocent face, cheeky grin and Spiderman costume has haunted our minds since going missing over a week ago, has still not been found.

William was last seen  playing ‘chasies’ with his sister at his grandmother’s house in Kendall, NSW. Since then, police, SES teams, lifesavers, and volunteers have all been involved in the rescue mission to find him.

The Tyrell family have now issued a statement thanking these groups, and the public, for their thoughts, prayers and efforts in trying to find their little boy. It reads:



“William is only three years and three-months-old and really still a baby, he has so many more years to live and we desperately want him home. William up until a month ago was obsessed with all things Fire Engine and would tell us his name was “Firefighter William”… a future he deserves to fulfil.

To the residents of Benaroon Drive: Within minutes of hearing that William was missing everyone came out and helped with the search, we were amazed at how quickly you came to help. Thank you. We would also like to say a big thank you for your patience and co-operation with Police in the search for little William.

To the Police: As well as William loving all things Fire Engines and Fire Fighters he was also enamoured by the Police and he would have been beside himself to see the amount of Police Cars and Police officers at Nana’s house. And also, like all little boys, he would have been asking you about your guns! We know how hard you have all been working – your dedication to finding little William has astounded us and we, from the bottom of our hearts, say “thank you so much”; it has given us strength and hope that William will be returned to us soon. We also want to thank those of you who we have got to know for your personal support and commitment to the search for William.

To the SES: We have seen you day and night searching for William; even when we couldn’t sleep at 3am we saw you walking around with torches and driving the cars. We thank you deeply and we know that for each and every one of you “it’s more than just a job”.

To the Surf Life Saving & RFS: Thank you for taking the time away from your families and your other volunteering efforts.

William was wearing this Spiderman suit.

To the Kendall community: You are amazing, every day we would hear how many volunteers had shown up at the showground and every day the numbers got bigger. People had taken time off work, we saw a lady pushing a pram and holding a baby on her front walking looking for William, we saw a man walking his push bike looking for William, and we saw everyday people just like us in the bush and on the road looking for our little boy. And every day – all through the day – people were dropping off food and drinks to support the searchers.

Thank you so much! You should feel very proud of yourselves and the community.

Finally we wish to reinforce that if anyone has seen or heard anything (no matter how insignificant it may be) to contact the Police.

We pray and hope that our “firefighter William” comes home soon.”

NSW Police are appealing l to the public for any information about William’s whereabouts. You can visit their Facebook page here. Police would like members of the public to share it. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page, here.