Those Two Girls: The six types of people you find at the gym.

Perhaps it’s the endorphins. Perhaps it’s the smell of other people’s sweat. Perhaps it’s the crippling anxiety that comes with strangers seeing you in your bike shorts. Perhaps it’s that the aircon is broken – again – and you’re right on the verge of passing out from exhaustion.

Whatever the reason, people seem to be their very worst selves at the gym – more likely to push in line to fill up their drink bottles, less likely to wipe off their sweaty palms with a towel before they touch the treadmill handles.

In their new video, comedy duo Those Two Girls observe six of the very worst types of gym-goers. To be clear: if you can’t identify yourself on this list, you’re not trying hard enough.

There are the Show Ponies, of course, who stop every three seconds to take a selfie. The Shakers, who sip sludge-coloured protein drinks at about the same intervals. The Stretchers, whose whole gym routine seems completely comprised of warming up and cooling down.

And who hasn’t has the stomach-churning pleasure of hopping on a treadmill right after a Sweater? Whatever your gym style, the most important thing is that you’re getting out there and doing it.

Unless you’re a Why Bother. Then you should probably just go home.