11 things Type B personalities will feel right at home with.

For the Type B personalities, leaving the dishes out (they will get done eventually), having a messy desk at work (you can work around it), and notebooks riddled with writing in what looks like no particular order (but you know the order) is just part of daily life.

In a world where there are so many Type A personalities, we are here to wave the flag for those who are a little more, erm, relaxed.

So, here are 11 things that all Type B personalities know to be true.

1. Your bag is a mess.

Amongst the 13 months worth of receipts and lolly wrappers it can be hard to find what you need.

2. You can never find your keys.

And the dance you do every single morning when you can’t find them….

Why do they make them so small, anyway?

3. Your desktop looks like this.

Your desktop has been known to actually make people ill – it’s covered in items in no order whatsoever.

4. You dog-ear book pages.

Loads of ’em. 

5. Your phone looks like this.

They say that there are two types of people in the world. Those who check their emails regulary, and then….

6. Having stains on clothing is the norm.

But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to wear them. Repeatedly.

7. You fix things with tape.

Problem = solved.

8. Your alarm system is very strategic.

9. You don’t make your bed.

It is unnecessary, especially when you’re just going to get back in.

10. You own a floordrobe.

You don’t have a wardrobe. You have a floordrobe.

11. Your desk looks a little like this.

And every little square centimetre of your notebooks are covered by messy text. But you can decipher it. That’s all that matters.

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