This is why the world needs more Type As.

So what type are you?

Has anyone ever described you as having a “Type A” personality?

Maybe they’ve been having a little giggle at your “to-do” lists.

Or your fiercely competitive urge to win at everything, even pub trivia.

“You work your way through them and cross things off once they’re done.”

Or the memory of you putting up your hand for student representative council and every other activity that was going at school.

Being a Type A is nothing to be laughed at. The world needs Type As. In fact, Type As run the world. (You secretly knew that, didn’t you?)

If you’re a Type A, own it. Here’s what makes you so great.

At work:

1. You’re there to work.

You know you’re not being paid to stand around chatting. Yep, you do have an opinion on My Kitchen Rules, and it’s a good one, but that can wait till after work when you’re at the pub.

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2. You get the job done, even if it means staying back late.

That’s because you take pride in what you do. And, to be honest, you get a lot of satisfaction from it.

Post-it notes are you BFF.

 Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Navy Submariner. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

3. You always say yes to extra work.

Sure, it means you’re doing a bit more than everybody else, but you know that if you do it, it’s going to be done right. Your boss knows that too. (Bosses love you, by the way).

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At home:

1. You make sure the place is clean.

Who wants to have a shower in a grotty bathroom or wake up to a huge stack of dirty dishes in the morning? You don’t understand people who want to spend the whole weekend slobbing on the couch, anyway. You’d rather be doing something than doing nothing.


2. You keep on top of things.

You don’t put up with a doorbell that doesn’t work or a tap that keeps dripping. You get things fixed. Not only do you write “to-do” lists, you work your way through them and cross things off once they’re done. (And it feels great).

A Type A’s idea of heaven. Image via Instagram @wrightkitchen

3. You know where to find stuff.

You have your CD collection alphabetised (or you would, if other people didn’t keep putting CDs away just anywhere). You have important documents filed in their correctly labelled folders. And is it really that unusual to have some kind of order for clothes and shoes, rather than just shoving them in the closet? It saves time in the long run.

In your social life:

1. You organise get-togethers.

In your circle of friends, you’re the one who’ll suggest the day and the place to catch up, and it’s always somewhere good. You sometimes wonder what they’d do without you. As for school reunions, you’re the one who makes them happen… which surprises no one.

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2. You always remember birthdays and anniversaries.

That’s because you put them in your calendar. It’s not rocket science.

You always remember birthdays and anniversaries.

3. You turn up on time.

You expect the traffic is going to be bad, because you live in a city, and you factor that in. You’re used to being the first one there, and having to wait for everyone else, even though everyone knows how much you can’t stand waiting.

So let people say what they like. Let them call you a perfectionist or an overachiever. You’re a Type A, and proud of it.

Are you a Type A? How else do Type As win at life?

Here are some of our favourite Type A celebs:

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