13 simple questions will tell you if you're a Type A or Type B personality.

If you consider procrastination an art form, then you’re probably Type B…

There are two main types of personalities: Type A and Type B.

Typically, people who have Type A personalities are high achievers, super organised, competitive, high-energy stress balls that like things their own way, while those with a Type B personality are more chill and not overly ambitious, organised or time orientated. Type B can be so laid back in fact, that they can often be accused of being lazy.

The below scenarios are generalisations. Huge sweeping ones. But if you identify more often with the Type A way of handling situations than the Type B, you might need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. In other words, chill. If however, you’re on the Type B side of the spectrum, maybe it’s time to step things up a little and stop being such a slacker.

So what are the differences between the two types of personalities and which one are you? And how can you possibly spot the different types of people in your everyday life? Well, I’m glad you asked (or if you’re type A, I’m glad you scrolled straight on past the intro and to the good stuff.

Here are some easy ways to check:

1. The State of your Email Inbox

Type A: The sight of this picture will make you want to poke out your own eyeballs. Your inbox must be cleared before you go to sleep at night. No exceptions.

Type B: This is your Inbox.

Bern’s phone.

2. Playing Monopoly.

Type A: Losing is not an option. You have lost lifelong friends playing it with them.
Type B: For you it’s more about having fun than the outcome. And ripping off the banker.


3. Your Wallet/Purse.

Type A: A wallet without perfectly ordered notes and cards is unacceptable.

Type B: This is your wallet.

4. People who walk slowly on the sidewalk.

Type A: You need people to walk fast or get the HELL out of your way.

Type B: More than likely, you’re the person taking their sweet time.

5. Suffering Fools.

Type A: You won’t.

Type B: You probably are the fool. Nah, kidding. But you don’t mind hanging out with people who have a range of intelligence levels. Cleverness isn’t the only trait you value.

6. Conversations.

Type A: Will cut off almost everyone mid-sentence when they are a) wrong or b) won’t get to the god damn point.

Type B: Gets cut off mid-sentence.

7. Multitasking.

Type A: You are able to cook dinner while dyeing your hair, exercising on the elliptical machine and interviewing the Prime Minister via Skype.

Type B: You try, but instead just start 3 different things at the same time and finish none.


8. To –Do Lists.

Type A: Has them. Uses them. Completes them.

Type B: Has them. Many of them. All over the places. Never finishes them.

9. Lateness.

Type A: You will not tolerate lateness and find it unbearable when you find yourself in the same position.

Type B: The traffic was crazy today! Which weirdly, it is every day.

10. Workloads.

Type A: Will stay up late until all the work is done or set an alarm for 4am the next day. Even if this means you don’t sleep.

Type B: Why put off today what you can put off until next Summer?

11. Fuse.

Type A: Short.

Type B: Long.

12. Procrastination.

Type A: One, maybe two tabs open in the web browser

Type B: It’s not just a way of life, it’s an art form.

13. Relaxing.

Type A: Relaxation = Guilt.

Type B: Relaxation = Way of Life.

So then, how did you fare and what kind of personality are you?