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Deakin university student Fazlunisa ‘Faz’ Sheik has had a head of half-half colour plaguing her hair since last year. Wanting to fix up the dye job, Faz invited The Glow to watch as hairstylist Lauren MacKellar blended the colours into a beautiful balayage. 


What made you decide to make a big change?

I just wanted a change and to fix the colour I had in it.

What reference photo did you take to the hairdresser?

I was looking at pictures of different balayage done by different hairdressers, but I was following Lauren on Instagram and mainly looked at her work. My hair muse is probably Rihanna, I love her different looks. Although I’d only try a tamer version of what she’s done!

How did you describe what you wanted to the hair dresser?

I described what had gone wrong with my hair with the previous colouring and just said  I needed a proper blend, so mainly a colour correction.




How long did this transformation take?
From start to finish, 5 hours! Faz was very patient!

 What is it about this new style that’s exciting for you?
I hate seeing beautiful hair going to waste! The contrast in colour and the ugly thick line where it had grown out weren’t doing Faz’s features or hair any justice and I couldn’t wait to show them off with a softer, more blended colour. I couldn’t believe she had persevered for so long!

 What sort of inspiration did you have in mind while you were doing this client’s hair?


I was inspired by the very enviable length and volume of Faz’s hair! We both agreed to work with the previously lightened ends and not cover them up completely, so it was never going to look ‘natural’ as such but I wanted it to feel a bit ‘Victoria’s-Secret-with-an-edge’. Ithink she pulls it off!

What did the transformation involve (eg: layering, a full head of foils)
It was a big process, what we call a ‘colour correction’, which involved filling, re-balancing, lowlights, balayage and toning. I then re-cut the shape back into the hair with a long layering technique that maintained the length.

How many inches of hair did you cut off?
|About 2 inches all over.


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