New dating app reveals the biggest relationship deal-breakers of young Australians.

Hey people close to 30, remember when dating was, like, human?

A random encounter between strangers? Chemistry? Connection? I recall a time when the only structured way you could meet someone was at a speed dating event at the local pub.

Well, as we’re all painfully aware, modern dating is all about data. Cold, hard, facts.

Are you Facebook friends?

Are you a similar age?

Are you living in the same are?

And now, apparently, there’s a new criteria: do you both hate instant coffee?


Yep, Aussie dating app Two Peas has released their findings on what millennials look for in a partner, and to be honest, it makes us sound like a bunch of snobs.

For example, 49 per cent of those surveyed would never drink instant coffee and therefore wouldn’t date anyone else that did, while 25 per cent think they’re “better than most people”.


It wasn’t all bad news, however: if a stranger dropped a $50 note, 94 per cent of us would give it back. And 23 per centof Aussies users would get a tattoo for their partner.

That’s… nice.

TwoPeas founder, Max Kenny. (Image: supplied)

So what's the point behind gathering all of this very non-romantic data?

TwoPeas is a dating app that asks a bunch of preliminary questions to really get to know you (and your coffee tastes) before flinging you across to a potential match.

The app's founder Max Kenny says it was to "weed out" the factors that could drive a potential couple apart.

ICYMI: Millennials are having less sex. (Post continues after video)

“We’ve seen so many horror stories on mass-marketed American dating apps we decided to create our own; one that weeds out the deal breakers before you even see their photo,” says Kenny.

“The survey of our members shows a melting pot of values, tastes and attitudes. That’s why we made sure you can create your own algorithm. For example, if the idea of sleeping with someone on the first date is a deal breaker, we’ll hook you up with the 36 per cent of singles who agree with you.”



TwoPeas is the latest dating app to use data to connect potential dates. (Image: TwoPeas)

So there you go, folks: dating is no longer about making eye contact across a crowded room and letting fate decide. It's all about intimately knowing whether the person you are yet to meet is an instant brew kinda dude.

Oh - and I don't mind instant coffee, for the record. White. No sugar.

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