Oh, Twitter.






If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you will know the following truth: Twitter is run by teenage idiots.

Not intelligent teenagers (*performs hair flick*), but annoying, stupid ones. The ones who incessantly tweet radio shows for tickets to One Direction, and who make sure that there is ALWAYS someone called Niall floating around in your country’s trends.

So, you can imagine that, as a seasoned Twitter user, I could barely manage much more than a slightly disappointed sigh when I saw the following Twitter trend: #MyGirlfriendNotAllowedTo. (Which I am going to use exclusively in its slightly less popular form, #MyGirlfriendIsNotAllowedTo, because: grammar.)

Great, another sexist hashtag started by Janoskian-esque teenage boys, I thought.

Twitter, I judged you with my judge-y face. I was so judge-y, you could have called me Ward J. Nay, Ward CJ.

But I was wrong.

Because this is an IRONIC HASHTAG, you guys! The Beliebing brats of Twitter have mastered irony!

And here’s a selection of the best of the Twitter trend:

… At least, I hope that was ironic.