The DeCinque twins are almost identical in every way. But almost isn't enough.

The DeCinque twins, Anna and Lucy, gained the country’s attention earlier this year for sharing everything. From hair, to clothes, to a boyfriend (yes – that’s right – they share a boyfriend), the 30-year-olds want their lives to be identical in every possible way.

And now, the Perth locals have announced their upcoming appearance on Botched, a reality TV show where contestants undergo cosmetic enhancements on camera.

In an advert for the episode, which is due to air next week, the sisters say they’ve already spent $250,000 on procedures to look more similar – including fake eyebrows and lip fillers.

“Yayy we are so excited we just found out our episode on BOTCHED will air next Tuesday in AMERICA on E!” The controversial pair told their 13,000 Facebook followers. “WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO BE ON THE SHOW.”

The sisters say they've already spent $250,000 on procedures to look more similar. (Image: Facebook)

The DeCinques are bound to cause headaches for the Botched doctors, who are shown explaining to the girls that it's incredibly difficult to achieve breast symmetry in one woman, let alone two.

The twins, who live with their mother and boyfriend, also have a YouTube channel, where they have recently explained their plans to release a bikini calendar and posters to "just brand ourselves I guess".

As for any women who want to mimic their look, the girls recommend going "back to basics" with skin care and using "natural things". Curiously, the twins also recommend a heavy reliance on "peels, microdermabrasion, IPL and laser" for maintaining a perfect complexion.

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Upon receiving 100 subscribers on their joint channel, Anna and Lucy posted a "thank you" video titled 'The Twins are taking over the world".

And... well... in a way, we guess they're kind of right.

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