Remember Nicky and Alex from Full House? They grew up.

And they’re kinda of hot. (Is it wrong to say that??)

Remember the twins from Full House? Probably not, because you’ll only remember the other twins – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

We’re talking about these guys.

Bowl cuts. Flannel. Nicky and Alex.


Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, now TWENTY-THREE, played Nicky and Alex on the ridiculously successful sitcom, and now they’ve been tracked down thanks to the wonders of social media.

Unlike other twin actors on the show, Blake and Dylan didn’t grow up to be hugely successful fashion designers with great hair and even better pouts.

Here are more child stars that we are innapropriately attracted to, now that they’re older. Post continues after gallery. 


Instead, they actually decided to get out of acting completely. Blake is a firefighter.

This is his face in a firefighter’s outfit. We’re *pretty* sure it’s real and not just for a stripping gig.

And Dylan is kind of/sort of/not really in the “biz”. He’s a sound technician who works on Game of Thrones. Not bad, Dylan.

Sadly, though, they haven’t been invited back to the Full House reunion series that’s launching in 2016 on Netflix, because it seems there’s only room for one famous set of twin actors in the family.


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Don’t worry, Nicky and Alex. We won’t forget you. (Kidding. We kind of already have.)

Click through the gallery below for more photos of the twins, post bowl cuts and acting.