Meet the twins 'May and June' who were born in different months.

Newborn identical twins have already made sure their identities are very separate – by being born in different months.

May and June – their temporary names – were given after the twin girls were born around an hour apart: one before midnight on May 31 and on one in the early hours of June 1.

The newborn twins.  Image supplied. 

And their entrances into the world couldn’t have been more different.

Thrilled parents Simone Stephenson-Bellwood and Lee Bellwood, from Leeds, England, are now planning on keeping May and June as middle names and calling their baby girls Isla Mae and Erykah June.

Simone, 34, a CBT therapist, who is also mum to their other daughter Olivia, two, said: “I thought ‘that’s so typical’.

“I just had this sense that there was going to be something so different about these girls.

“Them not being identical or having a boy and a girl perhaps.

“I knew that they were going to arrive in style and make their presence known. I just wasn’t sure how they were going to do it.

“When I found out what had happened I thought ‘that’s the thing!’.”

Isla Mae was born in an active birthing room at Leeds St James’s University Hospital at around 11pm and weighed 6lbs.

Simone, Erykah June, Isla Mae, Lee, Olivia. Image supplied.

Simone had her husband Lee, a bar owner, on hand as her birthing partner as well as hiring her reflexologist to make sure she was as relaxed as possible.


She managed her pain with a hypnobirthing CD and gas and air.

“It was an incredible birth – it was like being in a therapy room with lavender spray,” says Simone.

“I was really, really pleased with how it all went.”

However, after Isla Mae arrived Simone’s contractions dwindled – and medics rushed her through for an emergency C-section under general anaesthetic.

“It was amazing meeting our second twin,” says Simone, “but I did also think ‘thank God I’m alive’!”

Isla Mae and Erykah June. Image supplied. 

Erykah June was born weighing 5lbs 9oz at 12.02am on June 1.

“We have two beautiful babies, with two different birth dates, born in two different months,” said Simone.

She added: “Sometimes my life is just a bit mad.

“We are so grateful and so blessed.”

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