Would you give birth in a birthing pool that had JUST been used?




From one birthing pool they came.





Two twin brothers in England became first-time fathers last week, on the SAME DAY.

According to The Telegraph, the odds of the Jeromme and Jarrell’s partners each giving birth on the same day are 150,000 to 1.

But it looks like they beat the odds.

Jeromme’s partner Tegan gave birth to baby boy Cameron at 2:04 last Monday morning. This was quickly followed by Jarrell’s partner Francesca, who gave birth to baby boy Cassen just two and a half hours later at 4:34am.

But believe it or not, the fact that the twins became parents on the same day isn’t the part of this story that has grabbed the world’s attention.

The detail most seem to fixating on is that Tegan and Francesca both gave birth in the same birthing pool. From The Telegraph:

But it wasn’t enough for the twins’ babies to be born on the same day – they were also born in the same hospital, in the same birthing pool, under the watchful eye of the same midwife.


Apparently the pool was washed and cleaned before Francesca started using it, but still… Two hours is a pretty tight turn-around to get every last drop of debris out of one of these things, no?



It would take a little more than just wiping it down with some Windex, wouldn’t it?

So, all this does beg the question: How do you feel about the idea of sharing a birthing pool? Have you done it? Would you do it? Or is a blow-up paddling pool the only to go?