CULT BUY: 'The tweezers that are so good I've had mine for nine years and they're still going strong.'

When it comes to the wonderful, glamorous and sparkling world of beauty there are few things less sexy to wax lyrical about than a pair of tweezers.

Yep, those metal things you and I use to pluck our eyebrows and moustache (and full disclosure: my lady-sideburns) into submission.

Tweezers a necessary evil, but one we dutifully use to get brows a la Cara Delevingne – or as close as possible, anyway.

Tweezerman tweezer review
Expectation vs reality... and the result of many failed attempts at copying Cara's smize.

However, on the tweezer hierarchy there is a particular pair that sits at the very top - the cult-favourite Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. And although at a regular retail price os $32.95 it's a bit of an investment, they're one your face will thank you for.

Personally, I've used my pair for nine years and can positively swear on the arch of my eyebrows that they've more than made up for their cost per wear.

Observe - a historical reenactment:

Tweezerman tweezer review
Stray eyebrow hairs be gone.
Tweezerman tweezer review
Stray moustache hairs be gone.
Tweezerman tweezer review
Follow with a little bit of eyebrow pencil and MUCH better lighting, and you've got yourself a happy ladystache-less camper. Yay.

The thing is, compared to other cheaper tweezers, the Tweezerman's manage to grab each hair - from those pesky, fine, feathery things that sit closer to your eyelid, to the short stubby hairs growing just above the skin.


Because they're sharper there's less digging around, because the precision tips manage to grasp and pluck each hair with minimal effort, meaning less pain and a sharper brow shape.

Tweezerman tweezer review
One pair is nine years old, the other is brand new. Spot the difference.

For the eco-conscious, the US-based company also offer a lifetime sharpening service at no cost to you whatsoever.

That means if you feel that your tweezers are no  longer as 'grabby' as they were when you first got them, you can ship them off to Port Washington, New York, and they'll either sharpen them up to tip top shape, or send you a coupon so you can buy your next pair at 50 per cent off.

I've had mine for nine years and with steady use, I've never felt the need to get them re-sharpened. It was only when I started using a new pair that I had been gifted that I remembered how good they were when brand spanking new.

Whether you're an at-home-brow kinda gal or only use tweezers to touch up in between threading or grooming appointments, Tweezerman tweezers are available on Mamamia Shopping in a range of colours (like rose gold, coral, red and black) and are currently half price ($18.95 instead of $32.95). Heck, even buy two and keep one pair in your purse for emergency splinter extractions or to untangle knotted necklaces.

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