The biggest OMG Moments of TV this week.

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TV has really delivered some nail-biting moments this week. From Bachie hometown dates to heartbreak on Offspring, they had us on the edge of our seats – and in serious need of a manicure.

Here are my picks for the biggest OMG Moments of TV this week.


OMG… Zara cheated on Jimmy.

Yes, I know, Nina finding out she couldn’t have Patrick’s baby was a gut wrenching moment in this week’s episode.

But, I have to argue, that Zara sitting broken and weeping in the bathtub with Jimmy sitting supportively beside her, while she revealed she had slept with someone else, was the moment that stayed with us.

Add in the fact that she’s so adamant she’s moving out, and leaving Jimmy with their two little boys, makes it even more upsetting.

Trust me, it took a miracle to get through this one without crying.

Can't get... through.... it. Image:


OMG... Kate’s medical emergency led to the most intense episode yet.

So, we all know that life on Survivor isn’t really life or death…. except for this week when we were all treated to a little extra drama in the form of Kate’s infected underarm boil.

Who said life on a tropical island wasn’t thrilling and romantic?


The situation got so bad that doctors had to be called in to treat poor Kate after she decided to stick it out and stay on the show. And luckily for us, the whole procedure was caught on camera.

Not convinced that was the biggest Survivor moment of the week? Well, the incident now has its own Twitter account. With more followers than me.

Survivor promised us drama, and they nailed it.

 Ouch. Image:

Married at First Sight.

OMG... That was one wild dinner party.

A show that features strangers getting married in front of their real life family and friends was always going to be packed with moments that zing, but this week all the pieces from that crazy Married at First Sight puzzle came together in one glorious dinner event.

The couples were dumped together in the Blue Mountains for a spot of bonding.

Things went off the rails around the time Bella seemed to think she’d been cast in a Sex and the City remake and insisted on talking about her love life and demanding to know when the other couples had done the deed.

This led to Michael and Keller getting into quite the tiff, and at the end of the day none of us were left believing in true love.

But the power of reality TV camera’s plus liquid courage? Well, that’s stronger than ever. The whole set up was perfectly manicured.


"The couples were dumped together in the Blue Mountains for a spot of bonding." Image :

The Bachelor.

OMG... Nikki just dropped the L word.

It was hometown visit time in Bachelor world this week and things went as well as could be expected when four women who are all sharing a boyfriend take him home to meet their families.

Olena and Richie played tennis. Alex chose not to let her son catch a glimpse of her shared love interest and Rachel broke down in tears when Richie walked away from her family home.

Presumably because, as the only brunette left in the competition, she knew her days were numbered.

Our feels when Nikki dropped the L word. Image:

But the real so-sweet-it-actually-made-me-giddy moment was when Nikki told Richie she loved him. Her faced glowed with happiness and excitement and, if she is the last girl left standing, and all signs point towards that conclusion, that was the perfect start to their love story.

It’s safe to say, these two gel like your favourite shade of Sally Hansen miracle gel and top coat.

What TV moment had you on the edge of your seat this week?