The reason why it's completely fine to be late for work in Turkey.

Looks like we’re all moving to Turkey.

Waking up early to exercise is an issue that has plagued office workers for centuries.

You know you should do it, but you also know that your bed is delightfully comfortable and why should you be punishing yourself by leaving it?

Well, the Governor of northwestern province Edirne in Turkey gets it.

This is why he has implemented a new program called Our Cure is Sport in which office workers are able to arrive to work an hour late if they’ve been exercising that morning.

Turkey late to work exercise
The Governor of Edirne aka Dursun Ali Sahin aka Fitness Warrior. Source: Twitter/valisahin

Time reported that workers will be able to get a tailored exercise plan plus discuss their diet with a dietician through this program, as well as being allowed to arrive to work at 9:30am instead of 8:30am.

According to BBCthe Governor himself is going to lead by example, saying, “I am thinking about joining the morning walks myself, it is very beneficial.”

Governor, we think some late-rising Australians may also find a solution for their late-rising problems here.

Heads up, as you may be receiving some visa applications shortly.

This is not the first time this Governor/Fitness Warrior has said “no more!” to poor health in Edirne.

According to Daily Sabah, the Governor also banned lifts from going to the first three floors in public buildings (um, we hope there are a few exceptions to that), as well as limited the amount of salt and sugar that can be consumed in cafes and restaurants.

The very health-conscious measures were put in place because 30% people in Turkey are obese, according to the Ministry of Health.


This percentage is huge when compared to Australia where only 28% of us are obese, according to The Heart Foundation.

OK, so not really a huge difference between Turkey and Australia, we can see that.

Dursun Ali Sahin for Australian PM, anyone?

For those of us who have found this post a little too inspirational, here are some less motivating exercise quotes.


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