Turia Pitt is facing another struggle following her laser surgery procedure.

Following a laser surgery procedure last week, Turia Pitt has found herself facing yet another struggle. Since the surgery, which left her face scabbed and blistered, Pitt has noticed more stares than usual directed at her, and has taken to social media to share the emotionally taxing experience.

“I’ve been recovering from laser surgery for the past week. Sometimes I get really self-conscious after surgery – I feel like everyone is having a huge stickybeak at me. This week I felt it big time, and yeah, it sucks,” Pitt wrote on her Facebook page.

The renowned athlete has chosen to take on the new challenge positively, continuing: “But you know what? Sometimes in life when you’re on a quest to improve yourself, no one else’s opinion or judgement matters. You’ve gotta own yourself and wear your challenges like a boss – after all, no one else is gonna do it for you!”


 Pitt has been an inspiration the world over since suffering severe burns on 65 per cent of her face and body after becoming trapped in a bushfire during a 2011 marathon. Turia Pitt shares her inspirational story with Mia Freedman. Post continues below… The athlete hasn’t let her tribulations slow her down, and since the accident has participated in the ironman triathlon and takes on jungle treks, which she consistently shares on her Instagram to her nearly 80,000 followers.

Anything is possible, if you never ever give up. ???? by Nathan Edwards/News Corp Aust A photo posted by Turia (@turiapitt) on