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Tully Smyth calls on Ruby Rose to help her find a date.

So, no more Cool Bananas?

Tully Smyth took to social media last week to share her frustration with Twitter Trolls and their opinions on her relationship (or non-relationship?) with Bachelorette Contestant and Rope Access Technician (still not a thing), Richie Strahan.

After chastising the public for bringing up her dirty laundry (you can read Tully’s full rant here) asked the Twitterverse, “Don’t I deserve to be happy?” Of course, she does. But according to Ruby Rose’s Instragram, not everything is Cool Bananas between Tully and Richie.  


“I just think it’s really rude that you don’t use your 5 million followers to get me a date. That’s all I was saying.”

Ruby’s response?

Use her 5 million followers to try and get Tully a date.

“Guys… This babe…” Rose posted. “It’s time she had good loving. She’s right I haven’t spent enough time finding her a date.”

Awwww, letting your mate use your social media presence to find love. That’s true friendship.