The movie trailer deemed "too sexy" for TV is actually rather lovely.

When it comes to the film industry and what adults of the world can and can’t feast their eyes on with the ease of a YouTube clip, there are some sex scenes that is just too sexy to be aired, and they feature consensual sex shown from the female perspective.

At least that seems to be the case for Alicia Vikander‘s latest film, Tulip Fever, whose 30-second-long trailer has been issued an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and banned from the Fox Network in the US due to its ample inclusion of sex scenes and boob shots.

Watch the Tulip Fever trailer playing above to see for yourself.

tulip fever trailer
Source: The Weinstein Company.

(In case you missed it, boobs are very, very R-rated. They've even more problematic than the nipples.)

In the extended two-minute-long trailer, we see Vikander, who plays Sophia, the wife of a wealthy Dutch merchant (Christoph Waltz), falling in love with a younger, poorer male artist named Jan Van Loos (Dane DeHaan). Van Loos has been commissioned to paint the pair during the "tulip mania" years of the 17th century, and the two secret lovers plan to run away together.

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"You have stolen my heart," he tells Sophia.

"And you have stolen mine," she replies.

We also see a lot of sex. Sex with Vikander on top. Sex with DeHaan on top. Lying on their side sex. Post-sex sex. Longing stares that allude to the sex that's about to commence.

Boobs and sex aside, though, the trailer is not only cinematically beautiful but also shows sex scenes that clearly consider a female perspective and are overall incredibly sex-positive.

Forget the predictable shots of men carrying a woman wrapped around his waist to a bed or a wall for a hammering, Vikander knows what she wants and is in charge.

tulip fever trailer
Source: The Weinstein Company.

This is a movie trailer that shows two people who are engaging in sex from the same point. And both TV and Hollywood could do with more of it.

But come its Australian release date on November 23, you can bet we'll be at the cinema with bells on to see