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Would you want to be Gisele Bundchen's twin sister?

Do you think Gisele’s sister’s thinking, ‘why are you always in a bikini?’ Or is that just us? 

If I were super-rich supermodel Gisele Bunchen’s twin, I would have serious “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” syndrome. But that didn’t seem to be bother Gisele and her sister Patricia who celebrated their 34th birthday in a tropical location together on Sunday.

And of course, in true super-model fashion, Gisele was bikini-clad and looking amazing. Gisele shared a photo of herself side by side with her sister, blowing out their candles together. Have a look:

Gisele captioned the pic with “Thank you to everyone for the love and birthday wishes. I feel so blessed” in both English and Portuguese.

The model-mum has been holidays since Thursday, when she uploading another pic of herself cartwheeling across the beach.

After reports from Vogue that Gisele earns a whopping $148,000 a DAY, we’re sure she can afford some time off.

Gisele has two children, Vivian, 2, and Benjamin, 4, with her husband American football player Tom Brady.

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