Brides confess the most awful things they were told while wedding dress shopping.

While brides can do their very best to ensure their wedding is like a fairytale, shopping for a wedding dress can be the exact opposite.

No matter how many dresses you save on Pinterest or emotional preparation you undertake, sometimes the words of others can be destructive.

Redbook has published some of the most hurtful comments brides-to-be have received when looking for their perfect dress. Here are just some of their horrifying answers.

1. “Wow, that will look so amazing once you lose 10 pounds!”

We don’t even know where to begin with a comment like this.

Firstly, commenting on another person’s weight is just not on. But to deal the low blow when that person is trying on their wedding dress? Even worse.

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2. “Would your fiance like this?”

“While gown shopping, I was constantly being asked, ‘Would he like this?’ or told, ‘He will love this!’ This is about me loving it. I ended up buying a dress online.” —Eugenia

Oh, this one is almost too good to be true. It’s totally up to the groom to give the approval on what the bride wears, right? Surely, he’s sending selfies on his tuxedo to his fiancee just to double she’s a-okay with it?


We didn’t think so.

3. “Good, that makes your arms look smaller!”

“The aunt said, ‘The slight off-the-shoulder silhouette really slims down your arms.’ Oh, cool, thanks for ruining the most amazing high of my life so far! I’d also like to note that my husband is 6-foot-6-inches tall and 350 pounds, and no one cared what his upper arms looked like in his tux.” —Cassy

We’d really like to add another sassy comment to this, but we really think Cassy has nailed the double standards.

And here we were thinking trying on a wedding dress should be a happy occasion...

4. "Shouldn't you wear a sleeved dress to hide your tattoos?"

Memo to world: if a bride wanted to cover her tattoos, then she would make that choice by herself. Also, if she happened to purchase a dress with sleeves it doesn't mean she was desperate to cover them up, as well.

Policing what parts will and will not be seen on a body will never be okay.

5. "No one wants to see a bride with rolls."

"The sales associate told me she wouldn't show me dresses with cut-out backs because of my back fat. When I insisted on trying one on she poked my back while she was zipping me up and said, 'See? No one wants to see a bride with rolls.'" —Daniella

We're really, really hoping Daniella immediately jumped out of that dress and ran as fast as she could away from that sales associate.

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6. "It's not too small — you just have to lose weight."

"I went to a consignment wedding dress shop and tried on a dress that fit me terribly. I told the saleswoman it was too small. Her response: 'Well, you have to lose weight before your wedding day." —Meghan

WHAT IS THIS? THE BIGGEST LOSER? No, it's not. So your comments about size are not appropriate.

7. "You're not going to stay this size, are you?"

"At one place I went to, the consultant repeatedly told me that the dress style I was in looked frumpy and that her preferred style was the one to go with because she was the expert. She rushed me through every dress I tried on, refused to let my maid of honor in the room with me, and when she asked me what size I was and I told her, she said, 'Okay, but what size do you want to be on the day?'" —Samantha