We have a genuine question about Melania and Ivanka Trump's choice of dress.

We have a genuine question for Melania Trump, and it’s got nothing to with #handgate.

If you own a smart phone, chances are you’ve seen this image from the first family’s recent meeting with Pope Francis in Vatican City.

Yes, it’s hilarious. And yes, we asked our readers to ‘caption this’ because we could all do with a good laugh right now.

But aside from wondering why the first lady and daughter look like they’re dressed for a funeral, and if the Pope could stand any further away from Donald, there’s another question on our minds.

Why are Melania and Ivanka covering their hair?

Earlier this week, both Melania and Ivanka chose not to cover their hair during the family’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Despite Trump’s prior criticism of Michelle Obama’s decision to do the same back in 2013, this was not a political faux pas.

Diplomats and their spouses are not required to wear a head covering when visiting the country – a right not yet extended to the country’s female residents.


Similarly, all visitors of the Vatican City are asked to adhere to certain dress requirements. As is religiously customary, shoulders are to be covered and hemlines should fall below the knee. Head coverings, however, are not expected.

Ivanka Trump kept her uncovered during the family's visit to Saudi Arabia. (Image via Getty.)

Which begs the question: why cover your hair in the presence of Catholics at the Vatican, where it is neither required nor expected, but not in the presence of Muslims, in a country that enforces the practice on their own female citizens?

While neither outfit decisions are politically or religiously undiplomatic, the comparisons between the two have left many scratching their heads.

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