Trump's dress code for his female staffers has sparked a glorious response.

If the things that President Donald Trump does or says were done or said by anyone else, we’d probably be shocked. Alas…

Take his thoughts on women’s workwear, for example.

According to news website Axios, the new POTUS has such an obsession “with optics, style and TV glam” that he has famously strict standards for what his staff wear to work. Ties, for example, are reportedly compulsory (wide is best) and ill-fitting suits are heavily frowned upon.

Of course, nearly every work place has some sort of policy on such matters. But rarely will employees be faced with the following phrase:

Women should “dress like women”.

Yep. A source who worked on the President’s election campaign told Axios was Trump’s preference. So much so, that his female field office workers (the people who picked up phones and knocked on doors to garner support for the Republican nominee) reportedly “felt pressure to wear dresses”.

After more than 18-months of Trump-inspired outrage and three years and eleven months of it still to go, social media users have found another way to critique this latest face-palm moment.

It’s called #dresslikeawoman.

And one of our favourites…


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The President is yet to comment on the source’s claim, so we’re curious to hear what he means by “dress like women”.

But as far as we understand it, the phrase means: identify as a woman, wear clothes. The end.

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