The missing ingredient in Hamish and Andy's new show is Hamish and Andy.


The veil has been lifted on Hamish Blake and Andy Lee’s mysterious new series True Story and it’s not what we expected.

True Story was previously being promoted so secretively that the only thing fans knew about the series was its title.

The first full length trailer, dropped during The 59th Annual Logie Awards, revealed the show would bring to life the ‘true stories’ shared by fans with the former radio hosts.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk explain what’s missing from Hamish and Andy’s new show on The Binge. 

The teasing trailer granted audiences a look in to how this would look.

It seems the show will follow a format where each story is played out by actors while being partly narrated by the original teller.

The Binge hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk admitted they were skeptical about what seems to be a different project for the comedic duo.

Both Laura and Tiffany believed the series relied too heavily on other talent and didn’t take advantage of its charismatic hosts.

“It’s almost like, anyone could have done this show,” Tiffany said.

“It’s a waste of them. It’s a waste of their talent,” Laura agreed.

It actually looks like they're staring at a plate... but i'm sure what's on it is something truly bad. (Source: Facebook/Channel 9.)

Tiffany spoke about how one of the 'true stories' aired in the promotional clip seemed to be drawing on rather low-brow humour.


"In the little clip that they released last night, there was one where it looked like they were checking out something in a toilet. And I was like, I don't want to watch that story." she said.

Laura went on to explain why she felt like the series was a waste of Hamish and Andy's talent.

"These guys, their charisma and their presence and everything they bring to a show is off the charts. Their true power is what comes through the radio," she said.

"When I look at this trailer I think 'do they need to be there, at all'?"

To be fair, I would watch anything with Mick Molloy in it. Anything. (Source: Facebook/Channel 9.)

Tiffany gave the duo the benefit of the doubt by addressing how successful they've been in the past at reading the public mood.

"The thing with Hamish and Andy is that they've always got their finger on the zeitgeist, they kind of seem to know the next big thing," she said.

Laura agreed and remarked on how much money, talent and time seems to have been invested in this series. All due to how popular Hamish and Andy have proved to be with audiences.

"It looks like it has huge production value, it's hugely expensive, they've got all these people in they might not have been able to get otherwise. All these big name talents," she said.


Both hosts agreed that although their first look was unsatisfying, a true gauge could only be taken once the series fully dropped.

Huge cast. Huge cost. Huge payoff? (Source: Facebook/Channel 9.)

Fans who commented on the trailer placed on the duo's official Facebook page were a lot more impressed.

One fan likened the series to Drunk History - a series that films its hosts narrating historical events while inebriated - but without alcohol.

"It's like drunk history but with Hamish and Andy and without the drunk," she wrote.

Another fan shared their excitement for the series despite holding his own doubts about the pair leaving their popular radio show at 2Day FM. 

"Ok despite my belief that their radio is better than their TV, this does look awesome," he wrote.

Fans are still being asked to submit their wild yet true stories using a submissions page on Facebook.

Channel Nine is yet to announce when the series will debut.

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