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Eight 'How we met' stories that will melt your heart.

Nothing beats a good, true love story.

Don’t get us wrong – we devour cheesy TV scripts that involve a cliched airport chase-down (Rachel and Ross from Friends, anyone?).

We adore tales of two people falling madly, deeply in love with each other despite speaking different languages (*cough* Love Actually).

We even have a soft spot for the unlikely, gasp-worthy love stories (Pretty Woman) that demand a truckload of popcorn and a gathering of girlfriends.

But there’s no denying one fact: The very best love stories are the ones that are real. The ones that are awkward. And human. And authentic. That’s precisely the reason we fell head over heels for these eight beautiful and crazy stories from Reddit.

1. This is a case for the MPU.

And perhaps – perhaps – some even involve mothers calling in the Missing Persons Unit like Sphinxster‘s boyfriend (oops!).

“I met the love of my life in Art Appreciation class back in college. We were both 18 yrs old. We noticed each other from across the auditorium. He started sitting right behind me. Eventually, after talking in class for a while we went for a walk at the mall.

“It happened to be Halloween, so everybody was in costumes except for us. Very magical and surreal, now that i think about it. We ended up talking in the parking lot for hours. I asked him if he would get in trouble with his parents for being out so late. He nonchalantly said, “nah.” Well, 14 yrs, 2 kids, and a house later, he confessed that his mom called the police and reported him missing because it was 2am and he wasn’t home yet. Good times.”

Good times indeed.

2. Wingman? Wingfail*.

Then there’s TequilaSnack, who has a very… erm… opportunistic partner.

“My fiancé and I met in the first week of college because he was trying to be wing man for one of his friends. He’s really cute and is a bad wing man.”

Talk about cutting your mate’s lunch, hey!

And yes, while these tales might be a little lighter on the drah-mah, they still have what it takes to bring a glistening tear to even the driest of eyes. Watch the video above to see the other stories!

Which of the eight stories is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below…

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