And the coveted Douche Canoe of the Week Award goes to...

Trophy scarves. Because… well… we don’t even know.


So look, it’s one thing to be an artist that pushes boundaries. And then there’s just being a plain old douche and justifying it in the name of art.

This wasn’t an easy award to give out. After all, this was the same week that saw Bieber call a teenage girl a “beached whale,” cementing his place as a close second. But from where we’re standing, the artist behind ‘Trophy Scarves’ currently takes the cake for Douche Of The Week.

Sure, when the weather starts cooling down we all  pull out the ugg boots and cardigans and beanies to rug up. Not once did any of us think OH, WRAPPING A NAKED WOMEN AROUND MY NECK INSTEAD OF A REAL SCARF IS SOMETHING I JUST HAVE TO TRY BEFORE I DIE.

But that’s exactly what one New-York based man is doing, taking performance art (and the new benchmark for winter wardrobe must-haves) to a whole new level.

Nate Hill, 36 years old, drapes semi naked women over his shoulders as living breathing scarf replicas. Not just any women either, but exclusively white skinned ones. Not only because he’s run out of attention seeking ideas, but also because apparently only they represent “status and power”:

Previously he’s thrown cheeseburgers at pedestrians, delivered fake crack to individuals whilst in a dolphin suit, and sent a computer virus to all of his media friends.  Oh, and then there’s his installation ‘White Power Milk’ where anyone can order milk exclusively gargled by college-educated white girls. All in the name of art…

Did we mention that he’s a douche?

Pushing boundaries, challenging conventions and breaking down stereotypes are all great things that artists can encourage through their work. But objectifying women like this- especially in the name of art – is not ok.

And while we’re sure having naked women draped around him was just torturous for the poor guy, justifying it as a “satirical, tongue-in-cheek” art piece is insane. In fact, this whole performance is worthy of an award – in the supreme douche category anyways.