Authentic. Surprising. Empowering: A lingerie campaign without a model in sight.


Is it just us or do all lingerie ads seem to be kind of…. the same? They feature tall, super slim, large perky breasted woman – who seem to be genetically engineered to make non-models feel bad about ourselves – bouncing around in matching lingerie that is both wildly impractical and far too expensive to ever consider buying.

Luckily, one lingerie brand has realised that there’s value and beauty to be found in women who aren’t necessarily models. Triumph – one of the biggest and most affordable lingerie brands worldwide – has launched a new campaign without a traditional model in sight. And it’s gorgeous.

Take a look:

The thing we love most about this campaign? The women are all different ages and difference sizes. They come from culturally diverse backgrounds. And they’re not doing ridiculous things or striking impractical poses – they’re just hanging out around their homes, wearing the kind of underwear we all wear on an every day basis. Okay their undies still match their bras, but otherwise the ‘realistic’ thing is pretty much there.

According to his agency’s blog, photographer Marc Hom (of Bernstein & Andriulli) specifically wanted something “authentic, surprising and empowering”:

“I find it very fascinating to make real women look incredibly sensual and beautiful,” Marc says. “Beauty really comes from within…“I think if you’re happy and you’re confident and you feel good inside: that’s what makes a beautiful woman.”

Hear, hear.

What do you think of the Triumph campaign?