The ridiculously simple trick that'll protect your credit card.

A clever Redditor has revealed a simple little hack for protecting your credit or debit card.

In the LifeProTip section on Reddit, LonelyRapter2017 posted: “Write a fake pin number on the back of your credit card. That way if it gets stolen the person will only get three attempts before the ATM machine swallows the card.”


Inspired by this tip, other Redditors were quick to chip in their two cents.

debit card hack
"Or carry your old or expired card with you and hand the robber that card." Image via iStock.

"Use numbers like 1, 6, 9 and 0, numbers that can be turned upside down, and write it sideways along the side edge of the card, so the person won't know which way is up. That way he eats up his attempts," added Hypersapien.


"Also: Memorise and scratch the CCV code so it cannot be used with online purchases if lost," added another.

"Or carry your old or expired card with you and hand the robber that card," wrote Mrsamsonite6.

But not everyone was convinced these were wise precautions, with one Redditor commenting: "As someone who works for a bank, this post is beyond stupidity."

"Or you know, just let it happen, report it as fraud and get a replacement card. Every ATM has a camera and it's pretty obvious that it's fraud when the bank sees that it's not you withdrawing cash..." wrote another.

A man is not a financial plan on I Don't Know How She Does It. 

"This is only useful at a bank ATM though; ATMs in other places use swipers. If I were a thief, I wouldn't use an ATM at a bank when there's tons of security and cameras. Edit: correction, non bank ATMs have you dip and remove the card, the card is not sucked into the machine."

Meanwhile, others were quick to offer up some tips to would-be thieves.

"LPT: If you steal someone's credit card, don't take it to an ATM. There are cameras on most ATMs that will take your picture whether you get any money or not," added one, ah, helpful Redditor.

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