ROAD TEST: ‘I tried Tribe Skincare for 3 weeks. Here’s what happened.’

Thanks to our brand partner, Tribe

As someone with dry and sensitive skin prone to eczema, I’m always on the lookout for products that will address my concerns but won’t irritate my fussy skin.       

Sensitive skin can look like redness and inflammation, but it can also be breakouts, oily zones, dry patches or overall dullness. 

Typically, you would look towards more active ingredients like a salicylic acid or vitamin C to help target these, but I sometimes find it difficult to use them without causing more irritation. 

One of my absolute pet peeves is when I’m trying to treat a breakout and the product also dries out the skin around it, causing a dry patch. I'll then try to fix with a heavier cream that then causes more pimples and so the cycle goes on.  

Enter: Tribe Skincare, a results-driven Australian brand I tried with sensitive skin at its core.

A little about Tribe Skincare

Tribe Skincare began with Kayla Houlihan, whose experience running a skin clinic in Geelong, VIC gave her perspective into those with sensitive skin types, and how the skincare industry can often overlook them in favour of more active products. 

From here, she created what she couldn’t already find and Tribe Skincare was born! As well as being Australian made and owned, they’re all natural, pregnancy safe and vegan friendly, so they’re really ticking all the boxes. 


What really stood out to me was the thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of 5-star reviews and glowing results from women just like me, struggling with different forms of skin irritation.  

My Tribe Skincare results and verdict

Before starting this trial, my most recent skin concerns have been dealing with dryness around my nose and cheeks, as well as some breakouts and redness around my mouth and jawline. 

Breakouts are uncommon for me but the recent temperature drop has left my skin with some extra spots and looking very dull. For reference, here’s what we were working with:

Before: my unhappy, irritated skin. Image: Supplied. 

As you can see, I’ve got redness and pimples particularly concentrated across one cheek – including a nice angry one on the edge of my mouth – as well as sore, dry patches around my nose and the other cheek. 

What I was really looking for was a treatment or serum that would help manage my random pimples and redness, but without drying my skin out (or worse, triggering an eczema flare up). 

I was also keen to find a hydrating or repairing product to help with my dry patches and help my skin glow again.


Look what arrived. How cute is this packaging? Image: Supplied. 

Armed with the goods. Image: Supplied. 


Armed with some new Tribe goodies, I gave my routine a bit of a shuffle and set out to try these products to address my concerns. 


While we all know it can take some time for skincare to work and show results, I was so impressed with just how quickly I saw changes in my skin. 

I really loved the results from all of them. For my skin, the 3 standout products for me were the Clear Me! Anti-Breakout Serum, Repair Me! Facial Oil and Scrub Me! Exfoliant, which really delivered for me and my skin concerns.

With consistent use, you can see how much less irritated my skin looks, how quickly some spots are fading away and that I’ve got my glow back.

BEFORE & AFTER: On the right (after), I've got reduced redness, no active pimples and most importantly, glow. Image: Supplied. 

Let’s talk about the products I used in more detail because they all deserve their fair share of the spotlight. 

For a treatment step I used the Clear Me! Anti-Breakout Serum, to help soothe and heal my current breakouts, as well as help prevent new ones. 

This impressed me for two key reasons: the first, it noticeably calmed my skin when I applied it and the second is that I made it through my period in the third week of my trial with only one tiny pimple making an appearance. 

I think most of you will understand just how great that is, as hormonal breakouts are often the biggest of all skin pests to prevent. 


The serum features white willow bark extract (literally from the bark of the willow tree) which contains salicylic acid to help decongest your skin, and licorice extract to soothe inflammation. 

Just a note that because it draws out the impurities in your skin, you may end up with some increased breakouts the first week or so– which I did – before your skin clears and bounces back so nicely. 

The Repair Me! Facial Oil is a gorgeous blend of jojoba, rosehip and avocado oils that are deeply nourishing for dry skin. 

I used a pump of this morning and night, which my skin absolutely loved. My skin immediately felt soothed and more hydrated after applying. 

I think this was the main culprit behind the bouncy skin I kept waking up with after using – even after some really cold and dry nights. This is such a gorgeous product and one of the best facial oils I’ve tried in a long time. 

I love a gentle physical scrub, so the Scrub Me! Exfoliant was a wonderful step to introduce to try and counteract the dullness I was seeing in my skin. 

It’s a physical and enzymatic exfoliant, that comes in powder form, that you then mix with water to your preferred consistency (LOVE this). The ingredients sound yummy enough to be in my breakfast: crushed oats, coconut milk, as well as papaya and pineapple enzymes – and boy do they get the job done. 

It left my skin smooth and glowing straight after (with no signs of irritation) but the morning after… wow. Baby-skin smooth and visibly brighter skin! The dream!

I did also test out the Clean Me! Balm Cleanser and Hydrate Me! Moisturiser, which were both lovely, hard working products too, which all worked beautifully together. 

So, will I keep using the products?

Ab-so-lutely. Without question.

I was so impressed, they nailed the combo of effectiveness without irritation and can see myself reaching for them regularly, especially the facial oil. 

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, Tribe Skincare has such an effective range of vegan products to suit all skin types and I really recommend them! 

Have you tried Tribe Skincare yet? It's skincare for sensitive skin. All natural and gentle, but with amazing results.

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Tribe Skincare create skincare and mineral makeup for sensitive skin. The entire range is 100% natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty free and made in Australia. In just 3 years, over 50,000 Australian and New Zealand women have fallen in love with this super gentle, yet effective, easy-to-us skincare range.