'It smells like a summer holiday.' 7 women road-test Tribe Skincare's Clean Me! Balm Cleanser.

Tribe Skincare
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The tribe has spoken… about Tribe Skincare’s Clean Me! Balm Cleanser, that is. 

The Aussie skincare company’s number one best seller, the Clean Me! Balm Cleanser, is known for being all natural, vegan friendly, and locally made. 

Oh, and for being perfect for anyone with even the most sensitive skin, looking to add a bit of 'summer holiday' into their daily skincare routine. Which is all of us, really. 

The Mamamia You Beauty Group trialled Clean Me!, with a general consensus that it leaves you feeling fresh, is great for sensitive skin, and doesn't strip the moisture from your face. But before we get into that, this is the lowdown on your next must-have cleanser. 

Clean Me! Balm Cleanser is described as a soothing liquid cleansing balm that gently melts away make up, dirt and oils. Powered by desert lime, aloe vera, and rosehip oils, it’s suitable for both dry and oily skin types. 


And get this – it’s even safe enough to use on the eye area for the removal of non-waterproof eye makeup. Love a multi-tasker. 

Clean Me! can be used morning and night, by gently massaging it in circular motions onto damp skin. You then rinse with warm water, and enjoy cleansed and hydrated skin that smells like a summer holiday. 

Here’s what the You Beauty trial group had to say about Tribe Skincare’s Clean Me! Balm Cleanser. 

Matilda, 27

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"My sensitive skin has found its new saviour. I was sceptical about how my skin would fare. 

"Being from Melbourne, the use of masks has really impacted my skin, but adding this cleanser into my daily routine has been fantastic. The formula itself is super soft and luxurious on the skin; but I was wondering how clean it would make my face with no texture. Boy was I wrong! 

"The cleanser was so easy to use, had a lovely soft fragrance and left my skin feeling soft and flawless. In saying this, the importance of the balm is how your skin reacts to it and mine reacted very weak. When trying new cleansers, I find products heavy in oils and acid make my skin purge and breakout during the first few days. But this didn’t happen with Clean Me! 

“A small two to three pumps goes far.” 

Francesca, 30

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"I loved this cleanser, it does exactly what it says, it cleans so well and leaves my skin so soft. 

"I use this at night as part of my nighttime routine. I dampen my face and use three pumps and massage into my face and remove with a washcloth. The product is a thick consistency but so lovely and creamy, it smells so fresh and clean.

"When washed off, my skin feels so smooth and it’s not dry at all. The cleanser removes all my makeup and I don’t feel like I need to use another cleanser to remove any stubborn makeup. 


"Can be used morning or night but I prefer to use at night to remove the day’s makeup. Dampen your face and massage 2/3 pumps and wipe away with a reusable cloth."

Alyssa, 32 

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"This product worked well as my day/night cleanser, doing the job while leaving my skin soft and supple. It even removes makeup - I was impressed it took my mascara off! 


"The first thing I noticed was the scent. It reminded me of grass! Made sense when I saw aloe vera leaf juice listed as the first ingredient on the bottle. Definitely smelt natural and vegan! 

"The texture is silky and slippery. I was worried it would leave an oily film on my skin, but it washed off incredibly easily, leaving no residue or tightness. My skin felt soft, fresh and clean after! 

"The instructions advise using two to three pumps, but a little goes a long way! I found one pump was enough for a general cleanse, and two was perfect for removing makeup. This cleanser would be great for those with sensitive skin and who love clean beauty that’s gentle on the skin and environment." 

Caro, 31

"The Clean Me! Balm Cleanser from Tribe made my skin feel soft, plump and nourished. I did notice that around my nose, this cleanser didn't really cut it in cleaning away dead skin cells - but maybe that's a hint I need to use my chemical exfoliant a little more often! 

"Morning and night, you wet your face and use three pumps of the balm to massage in to your face. If you have worn makeup, I would repeat the process. Rinse with warm water. 

"The packaging has a fun and cute tropical vibe and the smell is on theme. I don't usually use a cleanser that has a scent, but this is light and inoffensive. The gentle smell triggered memories of past holidays so each morning and night, I took a moment to escape stage 4 and let the smell carry me back to holiday memories. 


"The cleanser has a smooth texture that doesn't lather. It almost feels more rubbing a mask on to your skin than washing my face. I've used a number of different cleansers before and have never achieved the elusive 'cleanser that doesn't make your skin feel tight'. I had actually convinced myself that either this idea was folklore or maybe my face was just really addicted to serums and moisturisers because even with cult products, my face ALWAYS feels tight after cleansing. 

"Everyone, please rise for the first ever cleanser to not make my skin feel tight after use! My skin felt soft, plump and nourished."

Danielle, 31

"This is my new favourite makeup remover! I like a one stop shop when it comes to makeup removing and cleansing and this balm is perfect to make my nightly routine shorter. 

"This cleansing balm is great for winter skin. Not as thick as other cleansing balms either, which I love. 

"I like to use it in the shower at night and double cleanse with a foaming cleanser afterwards. This balm is perfect for anyone with dry skin who wears a lot of makeup." 

Tessa, 32

"I loved using the Tribe Skincare Clean Me! Balm Cleanser. 

"I have such dry, sensitive skin and it’s the first time I’ve used a cleansing balm, I actually think it’s a game changer for my skin care routine. My face feels clean and the cleansing balm hasn’t stripped my face of all its moisture so I’m not super dry afterwards. 


"Cleansing is the first step in my skin care routine, so after using it in the morning I then apply my moisturiser, a million serums, cream and then my makeup. In the evening I only cleanse and then throw jojoba oil all over my face. 

"This balm is super easy to use. I just jumped in the shower, then applied three pumps of the balm to my face and gave myself a mini face massage. It has a lovely scent to it, nothing strong and it doesn’t last long which is what I want in a cleanser. The results for me were super quick; I was previously using a foam cleanser which resulted in my face peeling off because it was so dry. After two uses my skin felt so moist! I’m all about keeping my skincare regimen manageable and cleansing in the shower is just a perfect time saver."

Charmaine, 33 

"Clean Me! From Tribe was a great addition to my skin care routine. My skin generally reacts (with eczema) to a lot of products and this cleanser did not give me any reactions. 

"I first noticed how lovely the smell of the product is - it reminded me of lovely Australian botanicals fragrances. 

"The instructions said use two to three pumps, so I used three pumps, which was more than enough; I probably should have been using two pumps. 

"This balm is ideal for normal to sensitive skin. It's a great all-rounder!" 

For more information on Tribe Skincare, check out the Tribe Skincare website, or visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

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