Should I Watch It? The most accurate T-rex doco your kids will lose their minds over.

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When I imagined becoming a parent, I knew I’d need to upskill. What I didn’t know — but would very soon find out — was that I was about to become a bona fide expert in all things dinosaurs. 

If your kids are anything like mine, the dinosaur obsession phase started at about 18 months and ended at… never. Unlike other passions which have come and gone over the years, dinosaurs have an impressively enduring appeal for most kids — probably because, even for adults, they’re just mysterious enough to completely capture our imaginations. 

I think that’s why anything that delves deeper into the true nature of dinosaurs is such a hit with all ages — it’s unbelievable to think that, after so many years, we’re still learning more about these incredible creatures. And it doesn’t hurt that, in the words of my son when asked his favourite thing about dinosaurs, "they have really huge big teeth". 

Every time the school holidays roll around, I’m on the lookout for fun activities for me and my boys to enjoy together. If they happen to also be educational, I count that as a huge bonus (and give myself a silent parenting pat on the back). Which is why T.REX 3D showing at IMAX Melbourne from June 21 has gone straight to the top of my to-do this winter. 

Watch: The official trailer for T.REX 3D, opening worldwide June 21, 2024. Post continues below.

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What is T.REX 3D about?

T.REX 3D is the thrilling tale of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and its formidable dinosaur enemies, including the Melbourne Museum’s very own Horridus the Triceratops. It’s an in-depth exploration of what we know about the legendary T-rex, and how we came to know it — in other words, absolutely perfect for those kids who’ve already borrowed all the dinosaur books in the local library and can’t wait to get their hands on more information. 

As the brainchild of the world’s top T-rex scientists and natural history institutions, T.REX 3D aims to be the most accurate Tyrannosaurus Rex documentary ever made, so it certainly won’t disappoint even the best-read dinosaur aficionados. It’s one of the most realistic explorations of exactly what the world looked like when the T-rex was king, over 67 million years ago. 

The film is narrated by award-winning actor Sam Neill, best known for his role as scientist Dr Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park films.

Come for the…

Captivating story of how three young fossil hunters made the discovery of a lifetime. The boys (brothers, 7 and 10 at the time, and their 9-year-old cousin) spotted a large, fossilised leg bone of a rare teenage T-rex on a walk in the North Dakota Badlands in 2022 — one of only a handful of juvenile T-rex skeletons ever found worldwide.

Paleontologist Dr Tyler Lyson, Associate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, then organised an excavation in 2023, and in 11 days unearthed the skeleton after an estimated 67 million years in that spot.


With the story born from such a chance encounter, T.REX 3D is a totally immersive experience that will turn an ordinary (and chilly) school holiday afternoon into a talking point your kids will carry into Term 3 and beyond. It’s the perfect outing for anyone older than six — and no, before you ask, you can’t really be too old for your dinosaur obsession era to begin. 

Image: Giant Screen Films.

When I use the word "unique" to describe T.REX 3D, I really do mean one-of-a-kind. No matter how much dinosaur content your child consumes (and if you live in my house, the answer to that will be… a lot), they won’t have seen anything like it. It’s an accessible look at humankind’s journey to find out more about our dinosaur predecessors, and how science has helped theory, over time, become fact. (Yes, you heard correctly — that’s the sound of you setting your kids up for a lifelong love of science.) 


And it’s not just the T-rex who features, which is reassuring for little fans who might have another favourite. Keen eyes can spot the Triceratops, baby rexlings and giant Pterosaurs, among loads of other amazing Cretaceous-era dinosaurs and prehistoric wildlife.

Stay for the…

Dinosaurs like you’ve never seen them before (literally), on the largest screen in the Southern Hemisphere at IMAX Melbourne. Unbelievable special effects give the T-rex and its dinosaur foes more lifelike detail than anything ever shown in Australia. This is a genuine chance to check out every claw, every tooth and every scale on a Tyrannosaurus Rex in high definition. 

Oh, and if the name didn’t tip you off, it’s a fully 3D experience. I know my kids would watch grass grow if I popped some 3D glasses on them, so if your family hasn’t yet experienced 3D viewing at IMAX, they’re in for an unbelievable treat — the experience of feeling up close and personal with a T-rex from the safety of a cinema seat is sure to rock their worlds (no palaeontology pun intended). 

Image: Giant Screen Films.


How long is it?

The documentary is 45 minutes long — which any parent who’s struggled through a full-length feature film with a primary-school aged kid can tell you is juuust about their average concentration span. 

So, should you watch it?

If your child is a dinosaur enthusiast, it’s not so much a question of whether you should see T.REX 3D as when you should book tickets. Don’t forget to bring along anyone else in your orbit who’s a fan of the prehistoric (cool aunties, uncles and grandparents, I’m looking right at you).

Secure your tickets to T.REX 3D screening exclusively at IMAX Melbourne.

Feature Image: Giant Screen Films.

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