The three-minute trick to getting your child to sleep on a plane.

If you travel with kids and have ever begged an air hostess to let your child sleep on the floor, you will understand that it is a brilliant mind that has come up with portable sleeping quarters for children that happens to fit into an economy seat.

It took two Californian mothers, Kate and Winnie –  who are both keen travellers – to come up with a plan that could help children get comfortable enough to lie down and sleep soundly on a plane.

It puts the neck pillow to shame. Image supplied.

"The idea for Fly-Tot came after travelling on numerous sleepless flights across the Pacific Ocean with two little ones," says Winnie.

"While many infants and toddlers can sleep peacefully on long flights, my girls could never sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. And, since the girls wouldn’t always sleep at the same time, I got virtually no rest on these cross-Pacific flights."

Now able to put their feet up, travel with kids just got easier. Image supplied.

Winnie designed the Fly-Tot - an inflatable cushion that allows children to lie down on a regular economy seat - with her mechanical engineer husband and then her good friend and product designer, Kate, got on board.

Many mothers know the pain of a long-haul flight, especially when little ones get too big for the in-flight bassinet.

After travelling with a toddler from London to Sydney - the longest of all long-haul flights - I would have been thrilled to find a simple cure to creating a child sleep space on a plane.

Makers say it is easy to inflate. Image supplied.

The makers say it can be inflated in under three minutes and can be squashed into the tightest spaces.

It is not officially approved by airlines, but nor is sleeping on the floor.

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