An unlimited nappy supply, endless Peppa Pig and 8 other ways to survive a car trip with kids.

Thanks to our brand partner, BIG W


Parents, remember when a road trip involved a cheap pair of service station sunnies, a single overnight bag, a mix tape and a stop at some ‘world-famous’ pie shop?


Those were the days.  In fact when I was pregnant, a colleague used to jokingly advise, “Spend your weekends leaving the house, over and over again, just taking in how quickly you can do it. Just get in your car and leave, observing the swiftness. That will NEVER happen again.”

And, he was right…

Whether it’s the school drop off or a trip down the South Coast, travelling with babies and toddlers is similar to organising the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, but with more unexpected toileting incidents.

But with each experience our fortitude has been bolstered. I’ve found that all it takes is some forward planning, stocking up at a one-stop-shop beforehand (hello BIG W – let’s do this) and noise-cancelling headphones positive thinking!

Here are my ten tips for making travelling with babies and toddlers a success.

  1. Have an identical twin who can step in for you, for the entire journey.
  1. If this isn’t possible, ensure your car has a limousine-style partition.
  1. Seriously though, pack at least three nappies in the front. One for inevitable spills (coffee/your tears after visiting the in-laws), and two for every child, per hour you’re in the car. It is truly amazing how much children can ‘save up’ and then ‘release’ upon being clipped into their car seat, within five minutes of leaving your driveway. Huggies Jumbo Nappies are three for $70 at BIG W for the next two weeks so now is the time to stock up.
  1. Continuing on with this theme, for new bubs – pick up some Dymples Zip or Snap Terry Coveralls (2 for $8 at Big W). Pack changes of outfits in the car, not in the boot. You want a swift change to keep the stress levels low for all involved.
travelling with a baby
Dymples Zip or Snap Terry Coveralls (2 for $8 at Big W). Image: supplied.
  1. For toddlers – it’s Peppa Pig or nothing. Pick up Peppa Pig Book Sets, $16 each. A ‘set’ will stop the inescapable screaming of “JESSICA ISN’T SHARING WITH MEEEEEEEE!!!”
  1. Fill every storage area of your car with dummies. I have no idea where they end up, but for some reason, car = dummy Bermuda triangle.
  1. Heinz Baby Food Pouches (4 for $6 at Big W) – quick, convenient and cheap. And, if I’m being honest, there’s a good chance they’ll taste better than all those ‘world-famous’ pie shops you once visited.
travelling with a baby
Heinz Baby Food Pouches (4 for $6 at Big W). Image: supplied.
  1. Embrace the entertainment of yesteryear to encourage sleepy time. Swap iPads for some iSpy – the sheer boredom of the game will put them to sleep, once they’ve gotten over their inevitable and ‘hilarious’ contributions such as, “Something beginning with bum-bum…”
  1. Make things easy for feeding at your destination by purchasing this BenBat Yummigo Convertible Booster Seat with Storage ($59, save $10 at BIG W). The handy storage ensures you can throw toys into the one spot (because we all know a lost toy means DISASTER) – it’s super easy to clean, and secures the little munchkins with a three point safety harness.
travelling with a baby
BenBat Yummigo Convertible Booster Seat with Storage ($59, save $10 at BIG W). Image: supplied.
  1. Lastly, ensure they (and you) get a good night’s sleep away by using a Dymples Portacot ($49). It sets up and folds away easily, can be wheeled around, and comes with a mattress.
travelling with a baby
Big W Dymples Portacot ($49). Image: supplied.

So with a couple of simple, inexpensive purchases, whatever road trip you’re taking can be accomplished with as few tears as possible.

How do you prepare for a road trip?