Destination dupes and 'set-jetting': Meet the biggest travel trends of 2024.

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I love a bucket-list holiday. 

Whether it's because I've been to a new city, travelled to a new exotic location or tried my hand at an exciting activity I otherwise wouldn't be able to do at home, I love knowing that there are always (always) new adventures to have. 

And next year, it seems we're all turning up the dial. 

In fact, the research tells us that we're following eight specific travel trends that have been identified by Unpack '24, a comprehensive look at what's motivating travellers. 

Through surveying 20,000 travellers, Expedia Brands (Expedia, Wotif and Stayz) could uniquely identify what we're thinking about and prioritising for our next getaway. 

From utilising artificial intelligence to going on alcohol-free trips, here are the travel trends you need to know about for 2024.

You're welcome! 

Destination dupes

Sometimes the best holidays are the ones that don't break the bank. 

That's why one of the biggest trends for 2024, as found in Unpack '24: The Trends In Travel report, are destination dupes. 

While some people like to find more affordable versions of their favourite makeup products, travel bugs want holidays on half the budget.

According to Expedia's 2024 Destinations of the Year, everyone is trying to search for more wallet-friendly cities and countries to travel to, as opposed to some of the more densely populated places.

There are actually plenty of more savey cities around the world that you can swap for their bougie counterparts, and are just as dreamy and delightful. 


So if you want somewhere a bit like Seoul, South Korea, you might dupe it for Taipei, Taiwan instead. Another good dupe is heading to the Greek island of Paros instead of Santorini if you're planning to escape to Europe during the summer. 

And for those not wanting to leave the country, Perth and Brisbane are definitely buzzing cities to try if you're looking to dupe the beaches, food culture and nightlife in Sydney.

Here are some other destination dupes you need to know about:

  • Pattaya (dupe for Bangkok)

  • Curaçao (dupe for St. Martin)

  • Liverpool (dupe for London)

  • Palermo (dupe for Lisbon)

  • Quebec City (dupe for Geneva)

  • Sapporo (dupe for Zermatt) 

  • Memphis (dupe for Nashville)

  • Taipei (dupe for Seoul)



There's nothing more influential than a good TV show we're obsessively watching with a beautiful backdrop. 

Whether it's Romania you’re excited by after watching the spooky Wednesday, the stunning city of Malta thanks to the new Gladiator 2 film, or even a UK trip to London, Bath and Windsor after bingeing Bridgerton and The Crown back-to-back. Motivation for international travel is at an all-time high when we're able to see the nitty-gritty details on our TV screens. 

Seriously. How could I have known just how breathtaking the Scottish Highlands is if I hadn't seen it in Outlander


TV shows give us inspiration. They make us dream about cities and countries we wouldn't have ever considered for a holiday otherwise. 

In recent years, and since the pandemic left us with an even deeper desire to travel, research from Expedia has found that people have found destination inspiration from what they're watching and loving in movies and TV.

In fact, 40 per cent of travellers who took a trip in 2023 admitted they had researched or booked a trip to a destination after seeing it on a TV show or movie. Interestingly enough, it looks like we're basing our destination of choice for holidays more on TV shows than either Instagram, TikTok or podcasts. 

So as we gear up to leave the country (or simply just our own backyard) in 2024, it looks like we only need to turn on our favourite comfort films (it's Harry Potter without question for me) to figure out where to go next. 

Tour tourism

It's no surprise tour tourism has become so popular in the last few years. 

If you're a little confused, I promise it's as straightforward as it sounds. With so many wonderful tours from our favourite musicians coming up, many people are buying tickets outside of their hometown (or even home country) so they can plan a little holiday out of it as well. 

As a Swiftie, there's no other place I wanted to be for the singer's Eras World Tour than at the iconic SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles earlier this year as millions (!) of fans sang along to her greatest hits.


 Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Image: Getty.

I'm not the only one who thinks so. In fact, thousands of Aussies want to do the same next year. 

Expedia found that tour tourism will continue to make its mark in 2024 and that 60 per cent of Australian survey respondents admitted they are likely to travel to a concert outside their city, with over 40 per cent saying they’d travel for a concert as an excuse to visit a new place. 


Unexpected places on Expedia’s list of top tour tourism destinations are Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Edmonton (Canada), and Mexico City (Mexico). 

Alternative occasions

One in four travellers are looking for "any excuse" to get away with their loved ones, research from Stayz says. 

Think puppymoons, first-date-iversaries, and retirement parties – as that's exactly what's on the cards for travellers in 2024.

If you need a place to stay, Stayz has great options for those wanting something a little different to experience with their bestie or partner (anyone fancy this oceanfront 'tiny house' experience on King Island, or an incredible converted horse stable in the Adelaide Hills?). 

Or if you want to take a break from the intensity of the city (my hand is raised HIGH right now), there are plenty of options like this hidden gem on the NSW Central Coast, where the surrounding bushland meets the water, and you feel like you're off the beaten track in a bubble of peaceful seclusion.

And even then, if you're looking for your next girls' trip or somewhere for your family to all fit under the same roof, then this magical mountaintop stay, inland from Newcastle, promises the most incredible views, and a retreat away from the humdrum of normal life.

Dry tripping

More and more people are drinking less or choosing to live an alcohol-free life altogether. 

Considering how popular it is now, one travel trend that is really going to set the tone for 2024 is sober travelling. 


Wotif found that close to 40 per cent of travellers are interested in staying in a hotel that offers easily accessible alcohol-free options. 

Not only is saving money one of the top reasons for drinking less, but travellers say it allows them to stay in control, and feel better emotionally and physically.

Some local hotel options and experiences according to Wotif include QT Hotels with a DELICIOUS Lyre's mocktail, the Seadrift Distillery in Sydney which is Australia's first non-alcoholic distillery, and the first alcoholic bar in Australia, Brunswick Aces Bar in Melbourne.


Regional glow-ups

While cities have a wonderful reputation in Australia as amazing travel destinations, regional areas offer beauty, serenity and incredible experiences all wrapped into one. 

In recent years, it's gotten a major glow-up because while Sydney and Melbourne offer their incredible options for dining, regional towns are putting themselves on the map for their array of world-class hotels and unique restaurants and wineries. 

From unique experiences to new iconic restaurants, it makes sense that 2 in 5 travellers say that exploring new and different regional towns has increased in appeal over the last few years. 

Just a few incredible destinations on Wotif's 2024 Destinations of the Year include Newcastle, NSW which now has two five-star hotels in its idyllic little city (including Crystalbrook Kingsley surrounded by a never-ending list of bars, breweries and mouth-watering restaurants), and the newest hotel that puts you in the heart of Geelong, where the city is buzzing with options to dine and drink exquisite local produce and wine. 

Outside In 

The best part about a holiday is feeling like you're at home while away from home. 

While there is always a new city to explore or a world-class restaurant to try, there's nothing (literally NOTHING) better than knowing that where you're staying feels like just a step up from your normal shindigs, but also just as comfortable and familiar as well. 

Stayz data shows that almost half of travellers book holiday homes with amenities they cannot afford to have at home, so it makes sense that Aussies are choosing to stay in places with unique experiences like cold plunge, lawn games or hell, even a manicured garden to let the kids play and roam in. Think like this luxury waterfront South Coast property in Gerroa with the most incredible deck for entertaining, or this oasis in Tweed Heads fit with a veggie garden, sauna, hot tub and ice bath.


What's best is that even if you're away from your own home, you still feel like you're not leaving comfort behind. 

Gen Gen AI

How about letting AI plan your holiday for you? 

Turns out, it's a pretty big thing that a lot of travellers are taking advantage of. 

Expedia Group predicts the "generation of generative AI" where travellers will be embracing artificial intelligence to make for a stress-free life. 

In fact, survey data found that 1 in 3 people are interested in utilising it for planning their next trip. 

If you're wondering why, it is because Generative AI is great at simplifying planning and shopping through simple, instructive conversation. 

You can compare flight options, find the perfect itinerary for a trip and discover new experiences and hotels you otherwise wouldn't have been able to find.

Book your next local or international trip with Expedia Group brands, ExpediaWotif and Stayz.

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Expedia, Wotif and Stayz
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