Mother alters her tattoo in support of her transgender son.

A mum has made a touching decision to show her support for her son’s choice to reveal he is transgender.

As Lindsay Peace’s son Ace, who was born a girl, grew up, he realised he was a boy who was born in the wrong body. After telling his family he was transgender, Ace, 15, was greatly supported by his family.

Lindsay Peace. Image via News Hour Calgary.

But there was one thing that Ace, from Calgary, Alberta, found uncomfortable. His mum's tattoo, which she had added to her body before Ace shared his life changing news.

"It made him sad. It was just a constant reminder of this time in his life," Lindsay told News Hour Calgary.

Ace Peace. Image via News Hour Calgary.

"It probably didn't reflect me that much or so much our family because that person didn't exist anymore," Ace added.

Instead of having the tattoo removed, Lindsay did something incredible. She had it altered to show her support of Ace's decision, having the pigtails removed and adding shorts and a shirt.

The tattoo before and after it was altered. Image via News Hour Calgary.

Ace's dad Steve, who is a tattoo artist, made the changes. He also has two brothers who featured in the tattoo, who are equally as supportive of his decision.

While Lindsay does admit she did initially miss 'her', she says, "I would never wish for him to be anybody else."

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