NSFW: When Tracey Spicer gave her first ever hand job, there was blood. And a lot of it.

Jaw. Dropped.

Tracy Spicer’s first love was Harry. He was “spikey” on top. And “hard” on the bottom. And yes, Harry was her hairbrush.

Spicer, 47, made these confession – and many, many more – on ABC’s Confession Booth podcast.

The Debrief Daily columnist is not just a polished and thoughtful journalist – she’s a Valium-stealing badass with a tattoo on her bum.

Do not be deceived! Beneath the newsreader facade lies the black heart of a really fun sinner. We want to be her friend!

For the magnificent 10-minute confession, Spicer used as her basis the seven deadly sins – and believe me, she’s committed every single one of them.

“They say lust is born of an unmet need for God,” she begins, in her newsreader’s plummy voice.

“But I’ve always found it to be an unmet need for cock.”


With fellow excellent lady Judith Lucy. Image via Instagram.

It only gets better from there.

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Need more Spice in your life?

Tracey Spicer’s armpit hair might start a revolution.

“Hello. My name is Tracey Spicer and I’m a vain fool.”