Two missing boys in Townsville have been found.

Police hope two boys missing in Townsville took shelter from the rain last night and have not met with foul play.

UPDATE: Both boys who were missing overnight in bushland near Townsville have been found by searchers.

Minutes after a police statement announced Nicholas Baxter had been found “reasonably unharmed”, the Queensland Police tweeted that five-year-old Timmy Carter had also been found. Nicholas was wandering through dense bushland at around 2pm when he was found by search personnel. The little boy still awaits a medical examination, however, he appears to be in a stable condition.

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Mamamia previously reported…

Nicholas Baxter, 6, and Timmy Jack Carter, 5, were last seen not far from their Wulguru home about 4:00pm Saturday.

The boys, who are friends and neighbours, were out playing and did not return home when they were supposed to.

A tricycle and scooter belonging to the boys were found on a dirt track leading into bushland, about 400 metres from where they were last seen.

little boys
Timmy (left) and Nicholas (right) have been missing since Saturday.

Wulguru is close to Mount Stuart, a densely forested area.

The boys were not wearing shoes, and Timmy did not have a shirt on.

Acting Inspector Chris Lawson asked residents to check their backyards for the boys.

“It’s been cooler, we had a bit of rain last night,” he said.

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“We need the community to help.

“Make sure the kids are not in your backyard, they are not hiding under your house.

“Kids being kids, with the sprinkling of rain last night, they may have gone to ground … and [are] hiding under something to get out of the rain.

“It’s just one of the options.”

Timmy’s mother has expressed her anxiety on Facebook.

“Oh God please say my boy is found,” she wrote early this morning.

“Please tell me he’s okay.

Families of the boys gather outside their home.

“Please come home to mummy Timmy please.”

Nineteen State Emergency Service volunteers and residents are searching for the boys. The dog squad, investigators, extra police from Charters Towers and two helicopters have also joined the search.

Police have also asked the Defence Force for help, which has a large base in Townsville.

Natalie from the local motel said it was not unusual to see young kids out on their bikes.

“There is kids everywhere,” she said.

right one
Nicholas and his mother via Facebook.

“I mean there’s parks and kids always play in the streets and everything around that area as well.

“There’s a little place called Flat Rock where they usually go swimming as well.

“It’s a really good little community around that area but there is bushland as well so if they were unfortunate to go walking there is a big mountain … it’s not the safest place in the bush.”

Police urge anyone that may have seen the boys to contact them via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or through their local police.

We will update this story during the day.

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