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The Internet has been searching for these newlyweds to give them a stunning wedding photo. And they found them.

Sometimes social media can be used for the power of good.

It was the mystery gripping the Internet.

A moment in time captured on camera by a stranger and a quest to give a young couple a unique gift.

Over the past week social media has been captivated by the story of a photo.

The photo by Saber Miresmailli.

A couple on their wedding day were kissing on Tower Bridge in London on May 16 around 8 p.m. Her veil blowing in the wind. Oblivious to what was around them. The chaos of the day finally giving them a moment alone.

Saber Miresmailli, a Canadian businessman who was on holidays in the UK,  was in the back of a car driving past them when he saw the moment and took out his camera capturing it for his own holiday pics.

“They were all alone by themselves,” he said.

“I didn’t see any wedding photographer. I had maybe a 10-second window to take that photo” he told CBS NEWS. 

When he got back to Canada and started going through his photos.

“It was pure luck I got it,” he says. “I was in a moving car, with no flash … but somehow they just looked so beautiful and the lighting was perfect.”

He knew he had to find the couple.

So he uploaded this post to Facebook.

He asked for Facebook nation to share it.

And they did.

And did, and did.

With more than 300,000 shares.

Facebook Nation can be a nasty place with insults and barbs. It can be a place where a stranger hides beneath the anonymity of their keyboards throwing away words they would never say face-to-face.

But it can also be a community. A place where people from different nations come together to help each other.

It was this community that finally found the love-locked couple.


A Twitter user saw the photo and said it was his cousin and her husband – who are on their honeymoon in Bali and have no idea about their new online fame.

Less than 72 hours after he posted the photo on Facebook Saber Miresmailli said he received an email from a man confirming he is the groom, James Egan, an advertising firm art director who had married his bride, marketing director, Laura Demack on May 16.

James Egan and Laura Demack on their honeymoon. (Facebook)

The email stunned Miresmailli who posted:

Back in London from their honeymoon the newly weds have found themselves thrust into the limelight.

In an interview with ITV Laura, the bride said they couldn’t believe the photo, “It’s beautiful,”

“It’s absolutely beautiful. He’s an absolute legend, isn’t he?”

James said he is grateful Miresmailli managed to capture “such a brilliant moment.”

The couple on ITV.

“He was in the back of a car, and to frame us in the middle of Tower Bridge and capture that moment is incredible,” he said.

The couple actually did have a photographer who had an issue at that moment with her lens.

Photographer Vanya Du Toit thanked Miresmailli on Facebook.

“When I looked up and saw them snogging, it immediately crossed my mind that I had just missed the perfect moment and I kicked myself,” she wrote. “So happy you got it.”

In Canada Miresmailli is now keen to get back to his real job.

“Now if you all allow me, I have to go back to work! Thank you Facebook Nation. You are amazing” he posted.

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