The meaning behind the ARIAs 'uterus dress' that has the whole world talking.

If no one is talking about the outfit you wore on the red carpet, did it ever really exist?

Lucky for Swedish singer Tove Lo, she never has to worry about the answer to that question, because the dress she wore on the red carpet of the 2016 ARIA Awards has the whole world talking.

Uterus dress for #ARIAS ???? MADE BY @emeliejanrell @crapdiem

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The singer, who is behind hits like Cool Girl and Habits, rocked the red carpet in Sydney in a sheer anatomically correct ‘uterus’ dress.

That, right there, are two fallopian tubes, a uterus and a vagina, on the front of a dress for all the photographers in the world to see.


(And considering her newest album is called Lady Wood, those who are familiar with the singer’s message and attitude were hardly surprised by her look.)

While some weren’t fond of the singer’s out-there look, others heralded the dress as a “giant leap for girl power.”

Speaking to Be, Tove referred to the image on her dress as “a vagina…or a pussy…whatever you want to call it”.

“I’m from Sweden where we don’t really censor at all…you’ve just got to say what it is,” she added, explaining why she chose to wear the ‘out there’ dress.

She said she also wore the dress to celebrate and promote women’s sexuality.

“It’s all about trying to embrace female sexuality, which is something I like to promote,” she told Fairfax Media.