The Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine is a new Aussie comedy with a powerful message.

Vivian Cunningham is the epitome of a hot mess.

She's completely broke and living in a rickety share house with a talent for avoiding her problems. Preferably with alcohol. 

Oh, and last week she accidentally burnt down her brother's vegan food truck with a bacon-flavoured vape.

In the Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine, we meet Viv moments before she learns she has inherited her grandfather's coastal clifftop house.

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At first, it seems like a fast-tracked solution to the mess that is Sydney's housing market. But then she meets Amy (Contessa Treffone), a stranger in a wedding dress who is very much in crisis, and realises why she's really there.

Unbeknownst to her and her brothers, their grandfather was a local hero, who regularly saved lives from his backyard.

The brand-new Aussie comedy tells the tale of Vivian's (reluctant) turn as a guardian angel.

Her approach is very unconventional — she's pessimistic and brutally honest, after all — but to her surprise, her nihilistic approach to psychology really cuts through with those who need it the most.

Emerging talent Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit, Last Night in Soho) plays Vivian, who learns to embrace the important role she's inherited, and might just learn how to save herself along the way.

Through Viv, her brothers John (Rowan Witt) and Hendrix (Brandon McClelland), Amy and psychologist neighbour Dane (Devon Terrell), The Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine portrays all the messy realities of life: from good (and bad!) love stories, to complicated family relationships, to parties that do not turn out how you thought they would.


Totally Completely Fine is from Australian writer Gretel Vella, who has previously worked on The Great as well as the Stan Original Films Christmas Ransom and A Sunburnt Christmas.

The series is her "heart project", and the love and care she has for the story is obvious from the very first moments.

Vella's writing throughout the series perfectly encapsulates the beautiful duality of life.

On one hand, the series explores the complexities of family relationships, grief and trauma. On the other, the show delivers constant silliness, laugh-out-loud moments and joy.

The comedy here is clever, nuanced, and sometimes hilariously physical. Some of the funniest moments involve a Kylie Minogue dance sequence, hot chocolate, and an urn, all of which left me laughing for a long time afterwards.

Thomasin McKenzie and Contessa Treffone as Viv and Amy in Totally Completely Fine. Image: Stan.


 The Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine boasts a tight-knit cast whose chemistry is electric.

Through her flawed, frequently chaotic but relatable characters, Vella has created a story that highlights the nuances of pain, anxiety, and family through a group of characters that will make so many feel seen.

At its heart is McKenzie's performance as the lead.

Viv is prone to running from her problems — the series title is born from her insisting she is "totally, completely fine", as she runs out the door, while very clearly not totally or completely fine. At this moment and at many others along the way, you'll find yourself wanting to yell at her for this. 

She is cynical and self-sabotaging, but McKenzie's performance also shows so much compassion and care for her character, who is plagued by flashbacks and a guilt she should never have had to carry.

The way in which she peels back the characters' layers as the six-episode series unravels is magic, and it's impossible not to feel love and hope for her.


An easy favourite character is Treffone's Amy — a bright, both metaphorically and literally in the way she dresses, bubbly, optimistic former shop assistant who is always down to help and wants to see the good in people.

After their fateful meeting and a lot of persistence on Amy's end, her and Viv's friendship blossoms into the kind of friendship we all want. A friendship that is supportive and lovingly honest.

Brandon McClelland is great as Viv's supportive middle sibling Hendrix. Hendrix understands Viv more than anyone else in her life and is therefore always in her camp. But he's also struggling with the realities of a long-term relationship, where time has snuffed out all passion.

Rowan Witt as eldest brother John will drive you up the wall, as all siblings do from time to time. He's hard on his sister (who, to be fair, did burn his food truck down!) and so emotionally bottled up he regularly explodes.

But John also has one of the greatest, most satisfying payoffs of the entire series.

It's a show you will have a hard time turning off and stands as one of the best Australian series of recent years.

Across all six episodes, the Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine will take you on a journey — from full belly laughs to jaw-on-the-floor shock and maybe even a tear in your eye.

Much like life itself, actually.

You can watch every episode of the brand-new Stan Original Series Totally Completely Fine now, only on Stan.

Image: Stan.

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