The 10 best suburbs to live in are in Queensland and Victoria. Sorry, rest of Australia.

Sorry Sydneysiders, Taswegians, Canberrians and everyone who doesn’t live in either Queensland or Victoria – you’re lifestyle just isn’t quite as nice.

That’s not me (a proud Victorian) saying that – that’s who have just released data ranking the top 50 Australian suburbs according to lifestyle.

To measure suburbs on their enviable livability – the researchers looked at suburbs based on their proximity to beaches, education and parkland, plus how quickly and easily residents can get in and out of the CBD.

And we can tell you all 10 of the top 10 came from either Queensland or Victoria – specifically suburbs of capital cities Brisbane and Melbourne.

Melbourne ‘burb St Kilda West was ranked number one, and perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, also had the highest median house price value of $2.6 million. (We said the best lifestyle, not the most affordable.)

From there Brisbane suburbs took out ranks two to six and had a strong showing for the rest of the top 50 too. In fact, 36 per cent of the top 50 were found in Queensland, followed by 22 per cent in Victoria and 18 per cent in Western Australia.

New South Welshmen and women might be surprised suburbs in their state accounted for just 16 per cent, while (sorry, Northern and Australian Capital territories) the remaining eight per cent was split between Tasmania and South Australia.

Here are Australia’s top 10 lifestyle suburbs:

1. St Kilda West, VIC
2. South Brisbane, QLD
3. Dutton Park, QLD
4. Spring Hill, QLD
5. Kangaroo Point, QLD
6. Corinda, QLD
7. Albert Park, VIC
8. Indooroopilly, QLD
9. Port Melbourne, VIC
10. Fortitude Valley, QLD

So, was your suburb on the list? 

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