The 5 game-changing Instagrammers you need to know now

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, it’s never been easier to keep your index finger (and scrolling thumb) squarely on the pulse of the world’s top makeup trends. Just follow a few leading makeup artists and you’ll get instant access to behind-the-scenes beauty stories that used to be for industry-eyes-only.

Then there’s the neo-beauty star – famed for their selfies, rather than their work on runway models.  These ‘grammers are so great at makeup,  they can make their skin look like an airbrushed car.

They may have been called ‘cake face’ once, but now some of these girls have followers over the million-mark. And they’re raking it in, with thousands of dollars worth of product endorsement deals.

It’s the popularity of these insta-celebrities that inspires the beauty obsessed to artfully apply their daily face. Thanks to their relentless sharing, it’s no longer gauche to go bold. I mean really bold.

 Lets meet the game-changers:

1. Amra Olevic (Instagram @amrezy)


@amrezy, GLAMREZY or, by her real name, Amra Olevic is a MAC artist from Los Angeles. With an army of 900,000 followers, Amra’s incredible skills with a makeup brush mesmerises daily. Her impeccable shading and her unapologetic love of highlighter keeps girls gushing. Keep an eye out for her #nomakeupselfies – they may come only once in a blue moon, but you'll be astonished by what lies beneath.

 2. Maya Mia (Instagram: @maya_mia_y)

@Maya_Mia_y keeps her private life under wraps, except to state that she’s an entrepreneur and a mother. A fan revealed that Maya Mia is Macedonian, living in Tanzania with her husband. Point being, unlike many Insta-stars who mix pictures of products with a whole lot of personal life, for Maya Mia, on Instagram, Youtube and otherwise – it’s all about the makeup.



 3. Samer Khouzami (Instagram: @samerkhouzami)

If you look at the below pictures, there’s no doubt what @samerkhouzami’s most famous for – creating the perfect contour with creams. A makeup artist who hails from Lebanon, Samer Khouzami had such a huge cult following that Anastasia Soare, of powerhouse makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills (@anastasiabeverlyhills), took him on a USA wide tour to showcase his incredible talent with contour pastes and a synthetic-buffer-brush.

 4. Lauren Curtis (Instagram: @lozcurtis)

You can’t write about internet fame without mentioning Australia’s own Lauren Curtis. Originally from Perth, Loz started out as a self-taught makeup artist, videoing her craft from her bedroom. Although her stunning appearance is sure to have helped (she’d look incredible even with Texta scribbled over her face), Miss Curtis democratises makeup and makes it accessible. Nearly two million YouTube followers later, Lauren Curtis is now Sydney-based and making around a squillion dollars thanks to her Google AdSense royalties and product mentions.

5. Miryam Diaz (Instagram @makeup_amor)

@makeup_amor is a stunner of a twenty year old from South Carolina. A relative newcomer to the scene, Diaz is raking in thousands of followers by the day because she's seriously creative with colour, and always looks divine.


There has never been a better time to be a cake face.

Do you have anyone to add to our list?