The top baby names for 2014 are in. And there's a few surprises.


It’s official. The list of top baby names for 2014 is in.

And, if you had to try and name a baby this year, then chances are you considered naming the little tike after one (or all) of the following: (a) a character from Frozen, Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games, (b) the bible, (c) an elderly relative or plant, or (d) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The animated cast of Frozen.

Making it into BabyCentre’s top ranking names this year were a few familiar oldies-but-goodies, and a few new additions, the kind to make you think ‘Isn’t that a character from that movie?’

However, the real surprise is this year’s number one boys’ name – it’s the one that’s not like the others.

The list, which is released in the UK in early December each year, continues to gain the interest of would-be-parents everywhere. BabyCentre managing editor Sarah Redshaw told The Guardian that, “the top 100 (baby names) shows the ever-increasing diversity of the UK today”.

Sarah also said that names of celebrities and TV show character’s had all recorded strong growth including Daenerys and Tyrion from Game of Thrones as well as Skyler, Jesse and Walter from Breaking Bad.

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And for the least popular?

All that twerking might have boosted Miley’s popularity amongst teenage boys but certainly not in the name stakes.

“Parents are wary of names associated with celebrities who exhibit bad behaviour, the controversial pop singer Miley Cyrus being a prime example,” Sarah said.

Miley, along with Nick and Amy from the Gone Girl book and movie have dropped way down the list.

The Royals suffered too, with George, Harry and William falling in popularity.

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