Attention: Tooth Fairy complaint department.

The cutest (and funniest) letter to the Tooth Fairy.

At age 9, little Jennifer may have been losing her teeth on a regular basis, but she turned out to be anything but toothless in an angry letter she once wrote to the Tooth Fairy.

See, Jennifer (who is now full-grown and posted the letter she wrote long-ago on Imgur this week, where it’s gone viral) was actually a detective in the making. She’d reached an age where she was pretty positive the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real, so to test the theory after losing a tooth, she didn’t tell anyone, and waited for the magic to happen.

Jennifer in her teeth-losing days. Courtesy of Jennifer Rist

"When I woke the next morning, and nothing was there, I was bummed, but gave her the benefit of the doubt," Jenny Rist told "Maybe I lost it too late in the day? ... So, I gave it another night. The following morning, when nothing was there, I was pissed."

Her anger led to this letter — which even years later steams with innocence lost:

Courtesy of Jennifer Rist

She got a letter back, despite her P.P.S., which read: "I couldn't get to you because your room was such a mess. Maybe if you want me to get to you in a timely manner, you'll clean your room."

That is one demanding Tooth Fairy.

"After that letter, it was kind of a silent acknowledgement that mum was the Tooth Fairy," Rist said.

The letter had been kept all these years by Rist's dad, who like any proud parent has a treasure trove of his children's greatest hits. She said she and her father were laughing about how snarky and spunky she was as a kid, and he pulled the letter out of a notebook. "It was better than I remembered," she said.

Jennifer Rist has two children of her own now, and sometimes has to play Tooth Fairy. Courtesy of Jennifer Rist

But who is this much-favored Mike referred to in the letter? The one who regularly heard from the Tooth Fairy, who never had to be told to clean up his room first?

He's Rist's younger brother. Thing is, he never tried to hide his tooth loss from his parents. "They only didn't pay me for my tooth because they didn't know it was there," chuckles Rist. "I don't know when he stopped believing, but I do know that [when] he lost his last baby tooth he told my mum and she gave him money for gas."

Today, Rist has a 7-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter, and an occasional recurring role as the Tooth Fairy. "They both still believe in everything," she said. "She is so much like me, attitude-wise. She is very smart and questions everything."

And that irony puts a big smile on our face.

How much does your Tooth Fairy give your kids for a lost tooth?

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