Why it took this couple 75 years to get married

This is a love story like no other and one that shows romance never ages.

George Raynes and Carol Harris shared their first kiss when they were 8-years-old. Seventy-five years later, they were finally married.

The couple grew up together in a small town in New Brunswick in Canada and went to the same school. In the third grade they both starred in a production of Sleeping Beauty with George playing Prince Charming and Carol playing Sleeping Beauty.

“The teacher said I didn’t really have to kiss her, but I wanted to,” George told Yahoo Shine. “It was a first kiss for both of us.”

They remained friends through high school but after graduating lost touch. George moved away to Ontario, got married and had three sons. Carol stayed in New Brunswick and became a teacher. She dated, but never married.

“While other friends accepted being single, I never did,” she said.

Despite their distance and changing lives they kept in touch with irregular phone calls.

Fast-forward to the present day and George was trying to recover from the loss of his beloved wife to ovarian cancer. He bought himself a new car and took a trip back home. There, he met up with Carol.

They’ve been together every since.

This August the couple were married. They are both aged 83.

Carol has some advice for single girls who think they’ll never meet the one. “For anyone who wants to get married, don’t give up,” she says.