Twitter has given Tony Abbott a starring role in some really bad movies.

Most of these are going straight to DVD.

Australian politics has been such a hotbed of ridiculousness the last… well,  it’s been a while now, one could be forgiven confusing Parliament House for the set of an ill-thought out Hollywood blockbuster.

As one bizarre story arc concluded today with former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop returning to her seat on the back bench, Twitter has been having a good ol’ time imagining what her boss Tony might look like as the star of his own film.

Possibly a little something like this…

Or this.

Or these:

The #TonyAbbottAsAMovie hashtag has been trending all evening and can be traced back to user Rob Brown, who I think we can all agree deserves a big pat on the back.

Truly Twitter, you have outdone yourself today.

Any to add to the list? 

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