ENQUIRE WITHIN: Tony Abbott's job has been advertised.

The Gold Coast Bulletin has had a laugh at the PM’s leadership woes. And it’s priceless.

Along with the usual Gold Coast news, the Gold Coast Bulletin ran some very special ads yesterday, poking fun at the PM and his current leadership troubles.

Noticed by a canny reader on Reddit, the ads have a good laugh at the expense of the PM and Queensland’s Premier (or lack thereof).

The PM’s ad reads

Fancy yourself running the world’s 12th largest economy? Available to start work at short notice?

We seek an inspired leader capable of reeling in a large national debt, negotiating with a hostile Senate and ensuring national security.

Preference will be given to candidates capable of leading for a full term or longer.

The incumbent is welcome to reapply but Labor members will be excluded on this occasion (we will keep your application on file because circumstances change).

Perks include residences in Sydney and Canberra, cellars brimming with Grange and your own jet.

Remuneration: $507,338.

Applications close: Tuesday 10 February 2015.

Contact: Chief Government Whip, Phillip Ruddock.

Well played, Gold Coast Bulletin.

The Queensland Premier isn’t spared either. The job ad reads:

Love bananas and hate cockroaches in equal measure? Then this could be the job for you.

Check any arrogance at the border, as you prepare to lead Australia’s greatest state into a new era of prosperity.

You’ll love the Great Barrier Reef as much as you love coal-laden ships steaming through it en-route to China and India.

Challenges include a wafer-thin majority in Parliament, occasional cyclones and being based in dreary Brisbane.

Perks include a Maroons jersey and all the XXXX and Bundaberg Rum you can handle.

Gold Coaster preferred.

Remuneration: $379,562

Application closes: Who knows?

Contact: Electoral Commissioner for Queensland, Walter Van Der Merwe.

Well played, Gold Coast Bulletin.

Well, played.