Tony Abbott buys a fridge on Gumtree and four other times our pollies out Australian-ed themselves.

Over the weekend, Tony Abbott proved that his transformation from Prime Minister to just “a regular dude in a baseball cap” was complete by buying a fridge from a couple on Gumtree.

He sealed the deal with this selfie:

The fridge’s former owner, Emily Hastings, told Buzzfeed News that a woman named “Margie” bid for the three-year-old Daewoo, but it wasn’t until the former-PM came to pick it up that they realised it was Margie Abbott.


“We dealt with someone called Margie and it wasn’t until they showed to pick it up we realised that it was the former prime minister’s wife,” Hastings said.

“She was really down-to-earth but they were both definitely in a bit of a hurry. Plus I’m pretty sure there were some security outside.

“Tony was just a regular dude in a baseball cap.”

We’re sure he’s already putting it to good use, I mean, we know the man enjoys a cold beverage:

Video via Thomas

And he’s not the only one. Here’s five other times our pollies, both present and former, made us think “only in Australia”.

1. Bob Hawke drinking beer.

Not to be outdone by Tony “regular dude” Abbott, there was also that time another former-PM famously skolled a beer “for the country”.

Possibly the most Australia moment of them all.

2. Clive Palmer, this morning.

The future of Clive Palmer’s business empire is looking shaky after a rejection of his bid for US$48 billion by his estranged Chinese business partners.


We can’t help thinking that he could have been a little more frugal over the past couple of years.

I’m no actuary, but it seems to me that investing in gold courses, soccer teams, the Titanic 2 ocean liner and, um, that f*cking dinosaur park wasn’t exactly savvy business-wise.

Holy Palmersaurus, could this spell be the end of the world’s largest dinosaur theme park?

Aaaannnd here he is drinking a beer.

3. When Albo DJ’s.

Labor MP and shadow transport minister Anthony Albanese has been moonlighting as a superstar DJ for a couple of years now.

On Friday night, he was spotted behind the decks at a fundraiser in Brisbane where he opened his set with Spiderbait’s Calypso.

The lifetime member of the Rabbitohs also played hits by The Go-Betweens, The Veronicas, Powderfinger, Regurgitator, The Saints and Courtney Barnett.

Doesn’t get much more Australian than that.

4. That time K Rudd just wanted a “fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate”.

There is something a little inauthentic about just how hard Kevin Rudd tries to come of as a typical Aussie bloke.

Recently, he has been feigning an interest in sports:

And endorsing local produce:

Lest we forget the time he tried to invoke that ne’er before heard colloquialism ‘fair shake of the sauce’ bottle.

Oof. Mate.