And in other news...Tony Abbott ate a raw onion.

Today the PM is not the subject of media attention for a sexist gaffe or racist comment. It’s because of what he ate. And how he didn’t even flinch.

Our Prime Minister, the leader of our country, spontaneously and of his own volition bit into a whole raw onion. Like it was an apple. He didn’t even peel it first.

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The Prime Minister visited Charlton Farm Produce near Devonport in Tasmania yesterday. No one remembers why he was touring the farm, or what other vegetables it produces, and now we probably never will. All we will remember about that farm is the fact that Tony Abbott chomped on an onion like it was no big deal.

The owner of the farm David Addison spoke to the Hobart Mercury  and even he was slightly confused. “I may have said ‘it’s a shame they weren’t peeled’ and he just started eating it,” he said.

Abbott later stated they were “better than any onions I’ve tasted for a long time.” So it appears that onion munching is a regular Prime Ministerial passtime.

Thanks to our friend the internet, it took all of five seconds for Abbott’s root-vegetable adventure to become a Vine. You can see the blessed event in all it’s glory below…

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?