Naughty PM was a little bit hungover during his latest Sunrise interview.

Remember a few weeks ago when the PM gave an interview on Sunrise and called host, David Koch, by the wrong name (“Chris”), not once but twice? It turns out that Tony Abbott made the mistake because he had a bad case of the wine flu.

This morning, Kochie told Sunrise viewers that he ran into the PM the other night. And the PM confessed that he had been a bit under the weather when he gave the now infamous interview.

Kochie said, “I saw him [the PM] the other night and he came up and he goes ‘g’day Chris’, and he apologised”.

“He said, ‘I was a bit hungover because we had our staff Christmas party the night before.’”

Mmmm. Hangover cure.


It’s not the first time that the PM has apparently turned up on the TV feeling licorice all-sorts after a night of celebrating.

In July, after signing the Japan-Australia Free-Trade Agreement, the PM appeared on Today – and, host Karl Stefanovic, called him out for being a bit green around the gills: “You look a little bit worse for wear if you don’t mind me saying so, PM. You didn’t get on the sakés with the Japanese PM?”

The PM confessed his previous evening had been “very convivial”, which we can only presume means he and the PM of Japan were playing Goon of Fortune on the Lodge’s clothesline.

So, next time you give a bit of a shoddy performance at work, feel free to tell them you were feeling a bit dusty. It’s a Prime-Minister approved excuse…


If you’re feeling a bit seedy and you’ve forgotten what happened previously, here’s what we wrote when Chris/Kochie interviewed Terry/Tony Abbott…

Someone pass Tony Abbott a pen.

He needs to write a note on his hand.


Must… remember… name…’

Sunrise host David Koch had the Prime Minister on air this morning. In a week that has seen Tony Abbott getting grilled by other morning shows, Kochie asked Abbott about his low polling figures.


And in response Mr Abbott called Kochie by the wrong name. Twice.

The awkward mistake happened immediately. “Well, Chris…” “David.” “Sorry, David.”

Abbott then decided to stick to the safe nickname, Kochie. And used it often. They discussed the lies that Tony Abbott has broken (well, Chris Kochie discussed, Abbott denied) and budget repair and elections. Abbott started most sentences with “Well, Kochie…”

Until he forgot again, and reverted back to the random choice of Chris.

“Well, Chris…” “DAVID.” “Well, Kochie…”

We’re not sure where Tony got the name Chris from. We’re just glad that Chris Kochie handled it so well.

Nailed it, John Julia Kevin Tony.

Watch this. First Chris alert at 34 seconds. Second Chris alert at 3.08. So funny.

The interview comes after a Fairfax Ipsos poll was released yesterday showing Mr Abbott’s disapproval rating rising to 57% after dropping 12 points in just one month.

You know who remembers Kochie’s name? Twitter.





What do the latest polls mean for Tony Abbott? Will this be a one-term government for him? Catch Jamila Rizvi’s bang-on analysis on this week’s podcast. With Kate Leaver and Mia Freedman:


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