The one where Leigh Sales schools Tony Abbott in the Westminster system.

Is Tony Abbott a dead man walking? After this encounter with Leigh Sales, he’s definitely staggering a little…

Despite having survived this morning’s leadership spill, things aren’t looking great for Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In a competition of Abbott vs. Nobody in particular, nobody scored 39 to Tones’ 61 votes. Ouch.

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So, it seemed fitting when The 7.30 Report’s Leigh Sales opened tonight’s interview with the Prime Minister by asking the following question:

“Are you a dead man walking?”

As the interview proceeded Sales echoed the sentiments of opposition leader Bill Shorten in today’s question time asking how Abbott could continue in the top job knowing more than half of his backbench had declared him unfit to lead.

“I think the public can be relieved that the decision the party room made today was that if the electorate votes for a government and a prime minister, it can expect to keep the Government and the Prime Minister until it’s time for the electorate to choose again,” Abbott said.

“But haven’t you upset – haven’t you upset your colleagues though by implying that the only way that you can be removed is if the electorate votes you out, when actually we have a Westminster system and you are at the helm because your colleagues put you there?”


And then there was this from Sales:

“You said at your press conference a few hours ago that, “Good government starts today.” If that is so, what on Earth have you been delivering for the time since you’ve been elected?”

After a false-start, Abbott managed to squeeze out an answer. Good government “starts at the beginning of every day,” he said

Good save Tones.

Watch the full interview here.